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The Stress

That is house hunting. GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have certain criteria that has to be met. We would like to have the property taxes as low as we can. We need a yard for children to play in.

We were trying to stay within a certain price range. But with the criteria that we need met, that is not possible. Good thing these prices aren't set in stone and we have room to work them.

What cracks me up is that houses listed by Re/Max are all either junkers or have past due taxes for 5 years and/or have liens on them and/or lawsuits against them in foreclosure.

The only thing that is NOT negotiable is the property taxes. Whatever they are, we are stuck paying them. Can't call the county treasurer and try to work a deal with them. Doesn't work that way unfortunately.

Gads I so hope that we win Powerball tonight! ;) Wishful thinking on my part. But wouldn't it be grand and solve so many things?