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In the beginning, God created Livejournal, and it was good. And everyone was happy in their journals, and had pixellated userpics and used textspeak to their hearts' content. Then, one day, a little snake found its way into Livejournal. The snake wound its way through all the journals it could find, and in all the journals, it laid eggs. The eggs were called Drama. These eggs were not like other eggs, for some would take years to hatch, while others would take minutes. But hatch they did, and soon Livejournal was full of bickering, elitism and bitchery. And it was still good, yet suddenly reminded a lot of people of school. And Livejournal continued along its way, with the Drama spreading and spreading until everyone who owned a Livejournal had been touched by it at some point or another, and it often entirely failed to be good. But knowledge is part of creation, and part of knowledge is the realisation that nothing stays pure, innocent and untarnished forever. There comes a time when we have to accept that we made the world this way, and now we have to live in it.

Written by and posted with permission - wastedfairy

Borrowed from logospilgrim


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Angel Style by greymentality
First Impression from OthersReady to follow you into battle, if you want...
Your CoreYou have martial influence, but guided by Love.
Potential to Stray from the Light: 50%
Your WeaknessYou don't know you're an angel, yet.
Your StrengthYou know realllllllly secret stuff
Your WingsShiney metal wings that flow like feathers
Your FocusLove
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Exhaustion is fun. NOT!

For the past two days I've been experiencing migraines and vertigo. It does not matter how quickly or slowly I stand up or even move - I have to stop and rest and feel my eyes swim and the world float in and out of focus.

I know its the exhaustion catching up with me over the whole thing with house and family.

House is not moving as fast as I would have hoped, but its better somewhat.

The chimney & fireplace were swept and cleaned today.

Having a trained professional sitting with Papaw takes a lot off of my mind.

CJM has all day school today and I took BBK in early to her's. I promptly came home and fell asleep. I just woke up (much to my body's complaining) and I will take off outta here in a few to pick up the BBK and we will do a leisurely lunch before I get all insane again and pack the van some more.

I need to purchase more paint than I thought. Its taken 2 gallons of white paint to paint IN the house. I have two doors I want to paint before we return them to their original upright position. Plus a third one that has to come down. THEN I want to scrape and paint the glider for pretty front porch sitting. That thing is 100 years old. I swear it is. It belonged to my Nana & Papaw, then they gave it to me.

I love that old thing.

Well, enough babble for me, I have to gather stuff to go pay bills, purchase postage, write the check for the new house payment, and send out a birthday card w/sticker to a special saucy vixen!



How Funny!

Thank you for my laugh. You have given me smiles, chuckles and giggles. Things I really need in my time of family chaos, moving chaos, and husband in final school days getting ready to graduate chaos.

Thank you. You made my day.
The lawn on Oberon - it is a-mowed again. Fingers are crossed that this will be the very last time I have to do that.

What I'd LIKE to happen is be completely moved in by this weekend (is that roaring laughter I hear?).

Each time I go I try to fill up the van. I find I'm touting more clothing back and forth than anything - my clothing.

See, all of my summer stuff is over there. So I have to scramble and find and make due with what I have here. Yet when I get over there I get all hot and sweaty from working and I hop a shower and head home, with clean clothing on.

This weeks list of MUST do things - order washer & dryer (and be there for delivery); order mattresses and box springs for kids beds (and be there for delivery); get carpet shampooer from Shadow and shampoo carpets in all carpeted rooms; get telephone # installed;

GAH - there's more than that I must do. GAH

Is it time for bed now????

Its all about the green

The Green Lantern (John Stewart). You have a
no-nonsense approach that sometimes makes you
seem a little gruff. Beneath that drill
sergeant exterior beats the heart of a warrior.
But within that heart is someone who really
likes ice cream.

Which Justice League character are you?
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eyes_of_beauty is radioactive. Wear protective clothing at all times.


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May. 23rd, 2004

Cracking up over this line from the HK group:

"Erol had 'grown a pair'"

YAY Erol!!!!!