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So tired

I think I have my days and nights mixed up again. I can stay awake for hours at night and all I want to do during daylight hours is sleep. Perhaps I've been bitten by a true vampire. ;)

Can't do that though with the kiddlings. Have to make myself get up and go.

Now I'm regretting having BBK in AM preschool. Because if she were not, we could all sleep in. However, I like her teacher and could not see her studying with anyone else. She will be back with her next year. Heck, Mrs. Karen had BETTER come back next year!!! Perhaps I should speak with her on this front NOW before preschool ends and I learn that she is NOT coming back as her youngest two enter kindergarten next year. Yes, she has twin boys. Her oldest, the only girl, started kindergarten THIS year.

Shakes head. Don't know how the woman stays sane.

Two Mondays in a row I have called BBK off of preschool. Because last week I was too tired and this week C didn't have school today so I wanted us ALL to sleep - for me TRY to sleep - in. Didn't happen. Ugh.

Right now I'm simply trying to exhaust myself out. I have a big day tomorrow and I need my rest.

C told me, was it yesterday?, that a tooth was loose. Today he asked me if I had a tooth puller. I stuck my finger in his mouth to wiggle the tooth and the first time got the wrong tooth. I thought he was pointing at one when he was really pointing at the one next to it.

Its a bottom front tooth that's about to go. He hates biting into anything. He only picked at his dinner because it hurts.

Where have my babies gone!!!!

It only gets worse from here. Mom says before I know it I will have a 30 year old and not know where the time went. Looking pointedly at me as she says this.

I whine to her "I miss my bald headed baby girl!" Referring to BBK. She looks a me and says "And I miss mine."

C had a wonderful time at his skating party. I wish more of his classmates had shown up. I'm happy the ones who did were there. Of course as Stan puts it, it was the Three Musketeers, minus Chance. See, with Chance here, it would have been the Four Musketeers. But Chance is NOT here and that is missed. C asks about seeing him from time to time and its hard to explain why he can't right now.

Chance will be back this summer sometime and I told Randie she had better contact me!

The talented Mrs. Bug did a really good whopper of a fall as she went down between two benches as she tried to come off of the floor. We gave her a rousing round of applause. Because we are her family and can razz her about it. HOO Ya! Wish I got a pic of that. It was much talented of my sister.

Looking at the picture the rink took of everyone who was there (and a couple of people opted out of the shot), there is this little girl who I don't know and C doesn't know. So I'm assuming that its just a little girl who wanted to get her picture taken.

Overall the bill was not what it could have been had all of the classmates that we invited came. It was shared 50/50 with R. I'm glad he helped out.

DA was a giant A and did not help out at BBK's party. I wanted to strangulate him. So did Stan.

And funny thing is the pizza was better at the rink then at Chuck E Cheese's. Many family commented to me on that.

The pics that I took are typical action shots. I can basically tell who is in what picture, except for one and I don't know why that one was taken as it wasn't even of our party. Oh, and the bow on the head shots are too funny!

KK didn't realize that the other girl whose party was there was actually NAMED January.

Gee, wonder why mom named her that? So she wouldn't forget what month the child was born in?

At least I was more original in giving BBK the middle name of Noel (for you who do not do French the bastard version is Noelle). Could you imagine her middle name being December??? or Christmas??? How retarded!

Stan hates it when I use that word. He has heard it all of his life, in relation to his sister I think. Do I look at her and see that? No. Do I look at KK whose own disabilities cause her to not mentally be her physical age? No.

I don't treat these two women as anything other than my sisters. Its not fair to them to do otherwise.

When I use the word I'm talking about people I look at and think "what a total idiot", "could they be any more of a moron".


I try not to use it too often. But I slip. I'm not perfect.

And at this party, again someone thought the cake was professional. Austin's grandma. She was amazed that my mom had done it.

The very scary thing that happened as we were leaving - OMG - I'm bringing kids out to the van. Mom asks me, "Where is Bean?" I looked at mom and said "I thought she went with Bug" Turns out she wasn't with any of us.

Frantic search ensues. Panicked search ensues.

Bug finds her mixing in with the private party crowd telling people this party was for her.

My niece. Again shaking head.

At least all ended well and no one had snatched a pretty little red head.

Tonight the kids and I watched HP1. Then I got out a blank tape and recorded two of the three Veggie Tales CDs we have. We danced hard. We laughed hard. We played hard. It was very fun.

I thanked them for dancing with me as I put them to bed. We must do that more often. Unfortunately there is not much room in the living room so we have to be careful not to whomp somebody else as we dance.

I feel like today has not been long enough. I know I've not had enough sleep. Even with the meds I take to MAKE me sleep I haven't had enough. For three nights in a row now. What is on my mind!!!???

So... Hopefully I'm now wearing myself out and I will sleep. I'm crossing everything I can for it.

Perhaps I shall dance some more. Perhaps I will watch HP2.

I'm vibrating in anticipation of HP3. It cannot get here soon enough!



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