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Hello Sunday. Its you again.

Children are fighting not going to bed. Typical. They have not seen each other all weekend. It would be nice however if this were only a SUNDAY thing instead of a daily occurance.

Or perhaps I should say nightly as that is when it occurs, every night that I have them and they are not with daddies.


The exhaustion is catching up with me. Blah is how I feel to say the least. Blah. All of the time. Blah.

My stress has gone through the roof. I want to have that meltdown. I want to go into my room and close the door and close out the world.

I want the house to be done, the wedding planned, the kids behaving, moved into a new home, the house cleaned, the clothes folded and put away, etc. when I open that door.

Are you laughing yet? Because THAT is funny.

The furnace is done. YEA!!!!

I have yet to hear from the plumber. Time to make a phone call. Once the plumber is done I can commence painting the basement.

I need the energy.

I guess its hiding in my butt right next to the money tree, and the kids.

Saturday morning was nice. I awoke at 8:15 to find Stan on my right snuggled against me asleep. Camden on my left snuggled in the crook of my arm asleep. And Loki laying on top of me, staring at me, purring heavily.

I think if there had been one more person in that bed it would have collapsed. But it would have collapsed with a happy me in it. That other person being my Boo of course but she was with daddy and there is no way in Hades once she is up that ANYONE is sleeping.

I used to be like that. A morning person. Now if I could sleep til noon I would be happy.

Saturday was a good day. Harry Potter with Camden and Stan, to lunch, to Mt. Airy Forest to look at the weddnig site we were thinking of. It is beautiful. Very beautiful. Even in the freezing cold, damp air.

We saw three deer. At first I was not sure that they were real until one of them stood up. Once they bounded off it was great to watch them. They were still bounding around when we came upon the gazebo.

The Arboretum (?sp) at Mt. Airy is wonderful. I called several weeks ago and was told that the gazebo was available, I just hope that when I call tomorrow it still is.

Then we will be set with wedding site and reception site. We secured the reception site a couple of weekends back.

We then went and walked around Sams checking out stuff for reception buffet. I think we have found some good stuff. Don't expect fancy fancy. Expect lunch meat and the like.

My wonderful generous chef friend has offered to bake and decorate our wedding cake. He too is excited about that. But he is more excited that I have given him longer than three months advance notice. That's more than Dragon did.

Dragon. Funny. Dragon married. I never thought I would see that day. At least nothing formal anyway. But he did it. A formal wedding. A formal wedding for Dragon. Dragon in a tux. That cracks me up. The fact that his wedding band is two dragons face to face is also amusing to me.

Enough about Dragon.

More funny is that apparently I'm the Fultz boys clearing house. Well, for at least three of them anyway. Wanna know where one of them are? Call me. If I don't have one of them, I know where they are at. Thanks "mom". Chuckles.

Now I'm rambling. Shows you how tired I am. I got on here to whine about something and I have now completely lost track of what it was. Sighs again.

Many sighs. LOL

Time to attack that laundry. Time to put in a movie. In about half an hour, its time for bed.

TTFN - Says Tigger



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