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My Grandfather

The phone rings at 7 a.m. I'm asleep. I hear the machine get it and then a dial tone.

It rings again. I answer it, heavy breathing, I hang up.

It rings again, and again, and again. I tried to answer it a second time and more heavy breathing so I hung up again.

Its now about 7:21 a.m. So I hit the keys to get the call back number. Its my Papaw. Oh Crap! What is wrong!!!

Alarm bells and whistles going off. He's soon to be 97, living alone. Is he okay?

So lying in bed I called him back. Me: You rang?

Him: Is your mom's van there?

Me: It will be tonight

Him: Will you see her?

Me: Later today, she's working today

Him: Oh, well, if you talk to her tell her to call me okay?

Me: Okay

Him: What are you doing up this early?

Me - mentally: !!!!!!! @#!$@#!%@#@!#@#$%@#!

He was fine. So I went back to sleep for half an hour before I really did have to get up to start everyone's day. Except DH preferred to sleep in much longer - like by 3 hours or so, but that didn't happen due to BBK's infuriatingness.

So before waking everyone in the house I called my mom at work. She answered the phone. Me: Call your father. Her: I've already talked to him. Me: Did you call him? Her: No, I stopped by to see him.

Then I proceed to tell her about my earlier experience with him. She just laughed hard.

With her gone for the next two weekends my Papaw is my responsibility. He wouldn't look at it that way and he would not want me to look at it that way. But common! He's currently 96, living alone, and can't drive. What am I supposed to do? Ignore him? I've not done that so far in my entire 33 years, why am I going to start now?

He drives me nuts. But I wouldn't have it any other way. Because when he's gone, whose gonna drive me that crazy? Whose gonna tell those stories? Whose gonna do the things he does, say the things he says? Who?

So bring on the crazy Papaw. You da man!



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