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Just general babbling

I've discovered as I do laundry that my family has enough clothing (including socks & underware); and there are enough towels, etc.; to last us for almost a full month's time without me doing the wash. That's not once repeating an outfit.



The other night DH and I watched Once Upon a Time in Mexico. It wasn't as good as Desperado. Even though there was gratuitous explosions. There were also a couple of laugh out loud funny scenes.

But I would not recommend it as being added to a collection, only rent it. But that's MO.

Willem Dafoe was hardly believeable as a Mexican. Johnny Depp's character was flat and dull. The only scenes that I liked had Selma or Enrique in them. I'm not a big fan of either. So that has to be saying something.

Mickey Rourke & Cheech Marin's parts were lame.

Antonio's part was the only well written part.

I'm an action / adventure / comedy fan. I really liked Desperado. This movie couldn't even touch it.


With this weather DH's job put him up in a hotel last night to ensure he would be into work this AM. He just got approached by his boss to do it again tonight. He is going to call school and see if evening classes are on. He said if they were he was going to go to class and then he would take work up on their offer of a hotel room and when class got out he would go to the hotel.

I told him to buy some clothes - he hasn't been home to change. Yuck. But what choice does he have?

I'm now wondering if we as a whole family shouldn't start carrying around a change of clothing with us in our cars.

While I was out picking up kiddlings last night it was so scary that I was half tempted to drive to my in-laws to spend the night as they were closer than home. But the thought of being at home was a stronger pull than anything so I tightly gripped the steering wheel and made it home with few scares on the way.

People in general are idiots. Especially most of those in SUVs and Big Trucks - because they think they are invencible. HA!

But with him gone again, it means the second night in a row we have been away from each other since we were married. He says its a test of our relationship. He was only kidding. We miss each other. Aaaaaa.



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