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Yes Dear Readers, There Is A God

On the date that the man fondled the 10 year old girl in the Liberty Fairfield Kroger's, I had just been in that exact same aisle one half hour earlier with my 4 year old daughter.

Had he been there at the time I was there and done that to my daughter I would have beat him into a bloody pulp before security could have rescued him from my tight grasp.

On Sunday, the day of our big snow storm, I had to pick up my children. I got a phone call from R's FIL asking if I could meet up sooner. So I told him to tell R I would be leaving the house at 4:30. At approximately 5 I reached Franklin and Ohio St Rt 123. I was not attempting any of the hills around here to reach the highway from Middletown.

About 5:30 an accident occurred right along the same strip of 123 that I had just driven in which a young woman was killed.

Had I waited to leave when I had planned, that could have been me, or that could have caused a delay for me, or I could have been involved in that accident with her.

I do not believe that me leaving sooner in either matter had anything to do with coincidence or luck. I believe it was divine intervention that kept my children and myself safe.


Jan. 27th, 2004 09:18 pm (UTC)
The problem is that the kids say No the the wrong adults. They say no to their parents and yes to total strangers. It makes a parent want to beat their head against a wall.

I say we should just be equipted with cow prods or those shark thingy-ma-jiggies for when the big bad happens. That'd help teach the nasty men.

Tell me where to purchase this and I will have mine installed tomorrow!



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