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Wedding and other stuff

Stuff done for the wedding:

Scouted and secured wedding site - check
Scouted and secured reception site - check
Minister Parental Units insisted on performing wedding - therefore will not argue with Minister Parental Units - have officiants - check
Scouted and have an idea about reception buffet - check
Have cake baker / decorater - check
Asked friends to be bridal attendants - check for the bride - groom needs to get a move on
Decided on wedding invitations - check

Stuff NOT done for the wedding:

Groom has not asked his attendants yet - go figure
Need to order wedding invitations
Need to find a dress - though many scouted - narrowed down to three
Need to find bridesmaids dresses
Purchase decorations for the reception
Make table decorations for the reception
Make flowers for bridal party
Need to find a flower girl dress
Groom needs to decide on what clothing his party will be wearing - tuxes, suits, or just slacks OR Utilikilts - because THOSE have to be ordered NOW for the ones who do not have them.

On another subject - I'm job hunting. Sigh. There is just nothing out there. I mean, okay, there are a lot of jobs advertised, but I am not fully qualified for them. MS Office is the big thing these days and I can only say I can do Word and Outlook.

I am a quick learner. I purchased tutorials for Power Point, Excel and Access.

I'm still exhausted - daily.

Apparently I will need an hour per course - not just an hour per tutorial - because Power Point, et al, have more than one course with them. You need an hour for each.

Where do I have an hour in my day? After I leave the office that is.

At the office, as long as I don't get "caught" I'm good to go in regard to emails, etc.

That is when I job hunt and apply for jobs online.

I applied for four jobs yesterday. One with United Health Care on Union Centre Blvd. I'm really praying about this. UHC - while not the BEST HMO - offers everything I need. More money, better benefits (health, vacation, paid sick days, etc.), a corporate environment (over the individual one I'm in now), and it is close to my house.

So many good points. Yet I'm not even guaranteed an interview so no reason to get any hopes up that I will even hear from them at all.

Furthermore, what is frustrating, is when I'm in the middle of doing this stuff and the boss walks in and I have to quickly hide it. (chuckles)

Ah well, back to ye olde grinde.



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