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I am woman! Hear me roar!

I get up today and see that its snowing a bit more and the snow is just blowing around in general.

BBK gets up coughing like an old man and I call her off of preschool. I kept her home yesterday due to weather - C didn't have school because of it so I saw no reason to get out of the house.

So today...

At 10:30 I go out, clear the porch and steps, salt the porch and steps, start my mom's van - the driver's side door handle is frozen shut - ARGH - so I go to the passenger side.

As its running I wrench open the garage door and pull out ever sort of digging thing I had in there and take them to the porch.

Next thing I do is take the smallest shovel and clear off my tires and dig them out.

After that I take the snow shovel and I shovel a path around my car and across my yard for the mail man.

I go in, fix lunch for all. At 11:30 I go back out, start my car, stop the van, take the hoe, go to the enterance of my driveway and hack it up to make it easier to shovel out. Then I go back up to the porch, grab the big shovel and proceed to dig the enterance to the drive out and then salted it.

In the meantime there is a wrecker pulling up and going to the people across the street's house because apparently they needed a jump. As the driver climbs back into the truck he tells me that I can come to his house and do that. I told him it was only enough to get me out of the driveway. Then he turns around, in my driveway, messing up all of the hard work I had just done.

I think he saw the laser look of death I was giving to him for that.

After dropping C off at school BBK & I went grocering, to the bread store, and attempted to get back into the driveway. Boy that was fun.

Now I get to go out there and dig out a place for my DH to be able to get out of his car so that he's not stepping into the snow when he gets home. Cause he asked me to. Nicely.

Later, I get to go to Papaw's for a while. Fun.

What a bright and sunny day!



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