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One last post before I fall asleep

Tonight, as bigstan tightly gripped the steering wheel, saying repeatedly that he was Zin, he decided for some reason to turn on the CB.

There was a discussion amongst the truckers about an airplane that had landed on I-75 South at the 275 exchange.

So we start looking for a crash scene.

Next thing you know this trucker is telling everyone how he is amazed at how well the pilot had managed to crash land the plane on the back of a flat-bed semi. There is much chatter about this. Lots of "No ways!" and such.

Then another trucker jumps in and says it makes him wonder how when the pilot crashed onto the one flat bed, its wings broke off and landed on the one in front of it.

Suddenly it hits bigstan and I that the first trucker was pulling everyone's leg about a "crashed airplane". We start to laugh.

A completely different trucker comes on and says "I bet you guys are also amazed at how when the pilot crashed, he managed to strap that thing down too, aren't you?"

Now not only were we laughing hard, but so were lots of truckers around us. That's when bigstan switched the CB off.

In this craziness that has been called "The White Death" and such, it was pretty scary trying to drive home. Ergo bigstan repeating he was Zin and me looking for the Oh Shit bar that they forgot to install in his Dodge Neon.

To have a laugh like that was something, while a bit distracting, still well needed.

Just wanted to share. Time for some ZZZZzzzzzzzz.



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