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I think

that what I shall do, is to write down everything I can think of right now about my Papaw, all of my memories, all of his stories. Then, when he is gone, I think I shall speak with his friends and with other family members and perhaps even those who appear at the Willams family reunion and ask these people to write down their memories of him and the stories he has told to them. Then compile all of this and write a book.

I've even contemplated taking out an ad in the Mt. Sterling news paper, whatever it may be called, and write it to the attention of our family and ask that they contact me so that I may request they do the same.

I don't know what I will call my book. I don't even know if I can get my book published. Or if I shall attempt to have it published.

I realize that our family is strewn here and there across the great US of A. There were 10 kids who grew into adulthood and were fruitful and multiplied in several directions. Some are in FL, TX, KY, NY, NM. To name a few places I know of his siblings who have gone before him and their children and grandchildren and probably great-grandchildren to still be.

So perhaps, in the end, if I can get to one family member and get them to do this, they will pass it along and it will go like California wild fires and I will be buried under memories and stories. That would be my greatest hope.

I will dedicate it to the greatest man who ever lived in my life, and the greatest woman too.

To My Papaw and to My Nana, my heart is yours.

To you dear reader, I say goodnight.



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