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So the stomach thing finally went bye-bye on Saturday. I was so relieved. Only the kick ass headache remained. I've been battling that every day. But it comes and it goes so I take meds and deal with it. I need to go purchase some more Excedrine. The real stuff kicks much headache butt.

Had a good weekend with kiddlings, even if BBK was a bit of a giant pain. It was one of those weekends where I could have disarmed her and beat her with them. But by late last night she was better. What is it with the weekends that she is such a witch? She does this now to her dad as well. ARGH - Don Jr.

Many birthdays and anniversaries this weekend. Sat - Nana (90 something); Sun - Sammy Sam was 1 & her parents had their wedding anni; Mon (today) Happy Birthday to SABRA!!!!; oh, and this past Thurs was Carter's 6th (C-man's friend at school). So I'm very poor now. *grins*

Had much fun at Sabra's birthday party. Kids were so wired that they chattered the whole way home. You'd think they'd konk out - but NOOOoooo, not them. They were bouncing off of the walls and begging to return tomorrow (today - Mon). NOT. Charles Esq. Fromage once every six months is way more than enough for me.

DAMN that place was a sauna! I'm so glad that I had a sleeveless shirt on under my sweater and could take that sweater off.

Actually, I found some really good deals on birthday presents - and I never get my sister anything for her anni - I figured she was married to her husband and that was more than enough (pain and torture that is *wink*).

The next birthdays are the Princess! who will be 5 (OMG!!!) in March and my Papaw who will be 97 in March. Gah, more than one birthday per month, no wonder I remain in debt people!

Dita - let me know what to get Princess so I can be looking for it now.

Much enjoyed chatting with x_cypher_x and Kel. I hope we can get together again. Kel is really nice people. Oh, and I so hope I didn't offend with something I said to the two of them - anyone who knows me knows at some point I will open mouth and insert foot and you just have to overlook me and go on.

See, I have such a big mouth because I have a shoe size 10 foot (and I like to wear large clunky shoes). So, there you go. ;)

Well, I'm actually attempting to get some house work done and I have a small pot of coffee on for me - so I'm outta here for the moment. Ta!



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