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Phil says 6 more weeks of winter eh?

I don't think so. Spring, people, is right around the corner. Sure, there is some snow and ice on the ground. Sure, they are predicting more snow later this week. We all know what crack smokers those weather people are anyway.

When I got up on Feb. 2 and heard Phil's prediction, I told bigstan that it wasn't true. He never asked how I knew.

Well, take it from me, cause my body would know.

See, Dita can tell you, in the Winter I feel all run down and am ready for hybernation. Yes, I complain about this because I don't like feeling that way. I want the energy and stuff I get with the sun and the warmth of Spring, Summer and Early Fall.

As of yesterday, I'm more fully awake on less sleep, unlike a week or so ago where I got the same amount of sleep and I felt like a walking zombie and could go back to sleep at the drop of a hat.

The sun is out and its charging my batteries. Bring on the sun!!!!!

So, Phil, you are wrong about "six more weeks of Winter". Because my body is telling me its Spring and its time to awaken and renew.

Bring it on baby! I'm ready to be SAHM for the summer. From my thoughts to God's ears.

I'm thinking about putting the kids into a part-time summer program at the Church where BBK goes to PreK. That would give me time to work on the house without the distratction of children under foot.

Its just too bad that we really need to move out of here before I can get it ready to go up for sale.

I'd hate to move back in with my mother to get that done - really hate it, because she drives me nucking futz! But we will have to do what we got to do to get it done.

If only I could win the lottery and then I could hire people to do it for me!!! Guess you gotta play to win though don't you? Hee Hee.

It's Spring people, no matter what Phil says.



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