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Okay, so I'm not the MOST creative person in the whole world. In fact, I go online and I look up crafts. For the kids. But I get into it too.

Case in point - Valentine's Day being Saturday and all - both kids are having their Valentine's Parties / Exchanges on Thursday. We've got Princess Valentine's and Cat in the Hat Valentine's.

C's party requires that his Valentine's be in envelopes. Unfortunately, these do not come with envelopes. Meaning I have to get envelopes for them. So, I'm thinking, where can I get small envelopes cheap? Then it hits me - do an internet search for Valentine's crafts. Of course I should have just gone to Kids Domain because that's where I've been getting all of my good stuff and ideas. And that's where I found the create envelopes at too.

So currently I'm penciling envelope patterns for C and I to cut out and fold and paste together later tonight.

It says to use wallpaper, construction paper or wrapping paper for this. I'm looking around and I think, nah, I'll just use plain white copy paper. Then I notice under my computer desk this ream of 5-Color Assortment pack that I had purchased many many many moons ago. It has red. YAY! Problem solved. Okay, I DO have construction paper, only I don't want to waste it on creating envelopes.

I really enjoy doing this with and for the kids. See, if I had a job to go to daily, I wouldn't personally have the energy to do stuff like this. Some moms would, I'm just not one of them. Once I leave work my mind shuts down and its everything I have just to focus on the drive home. Thank GOD for Dita as my distraction then. My brain just goes into autopilot and I don't have to worry about it.

Oh, and the kids have to have cards for their teachers. So instead of giving the teachers the same as the kids, I printed off cards for the kids to color and for them to write their own message in. Isn't that cool??

I love being SAHM.



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