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Had the job interview today. Still don't want it. First interviewed with new attorney and the paralegal I'd be reporting to. Then interviewed with Cathy - a really cool attorney in the same dept. Cathy said she didn't have final say but that she had input.

Basically I was nervous which is totally typical when meeting with people for an interview. Then when they left and told me Cathy was coming in I was bouncy.

See, I interviewed with Cathy last year (and Patrick) for a legal admin position - was told I was hired too - but then the company went on a hiring freeze.

Cathy told me the position was still open but that it was not deemed "critical" so the liklelihood of it being filled soon was a big fat zero.

She said that they had done all of the paperwork to get me in there and that all George had to do was call me and tell me when to start - then George calls them and tells them there was a hiring freeze. She said that she and Patrick went on a letter writing campaign for several weeks trying to convince the powers that be that I should be allowed to be hired. They shot them down big time.

Patrick was disappointed he could not meet with me - its not a position that would be under him in any way - but said to tell me hello and I said to tell him the same.

Most of the time with Cathy was spent the two of us just chatting and talking girl talk. She told me some of the position - it doesn't sound that bad really - just learning the job would be the hardest, once into it for a while though and it would become second nature.

When it was over, she told me that the other two would make the final decision but she was definitely going to tell them that I'm the only candidate for the job and not to look any further.

I get along so well with her and Patrick. They are really great and fun people.

While I don't really want the job, I hope that they do pick the best person for them. I know that what will happen will be that they go with someone else, she lasts a few months before quitting and they call me up again - just like they did with the legal admin position.

I had applied for THAT position in 2002, interviewed for it too, but didn't pursue it. Then a year later they call me up to interview and it was pretty much a year ago this month that I had all of my interviews and was told I was hired. I would have started there last March.

*Shakes head*

I look at the +s and -s. Plus = money, unbelieveable benefits, fun people to work with, setting my own hours (ie 7-4 or 7:30-4:30 etc.); Minus = I love being SAHM, putting kids back into full time daycare for who knows how many hours, the stress would go back to sky rocketing and the seven headed demon would live outside of my body permanently.

If I got it and took it we'd be able to get a new place much sooner and pay the double house payment of two homes (this house isn't that much a month), I could drop my private health insurance I pay for now (I can once DH's insurance kicks in anyway), I could dictate my hours and could have every 4th Friday off in the AM for C's therapy and they wouldn't have a problem with it.

If I got it and took it I'd be jerking the kids around again with regard to daycare and school - throwing C out of wack of me being there and then not being there again, I wouldn't be where I want to be which is here at home, I'd be much more stressed out - there would not be cooked dinners by me; laundry would not be done until god only knows when; and dishes would be stacked so high that I would start purchasing paper plates and plastic ware just to eat off of.

Do you think I'm kidding? If so, you don't know me - I'm quite serious about that.

Only other bonus is DH would be home 3 out of the five work week and HE could get off his corn-fused (lazy) butt and do some things. I'm sure I could point him in the right direction for food.

So you can see the quandry I'm in.

Cathy expressed her strong desire to add me to the team (even though there are many others up for the position). I like Cathy. I like Patrick. I'm more than up for the challenge.

Can I just stay home please and do the job too?



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