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And away we go.

I got in the certificate I sent away for for my Papaw. Its really neat. It says "for the service of our great state and nation" on it. It is ACTUALLY signed, not just a signature stamp. I went out and got a frame for it.

I'm so excited about giving it to him.

In case I didn't mention in an prior post, CJM got a perfect attendance certificate along with a ribbon and all kinds of coupons for free kids meals at different area resturants. <- I can never spell that word. LOL.

His teacher said he has had a wiz bang VIP week. YAY. He will get a book for it. She told me she looked forward to hearing me retell that story when BBK is in school.

My hopes are not to be in this school district when that happens in two years.

I can't believe Princess is starting school this year. !!! Oooo Dita, are you gonna be a wreck!

Oh, and another thing CJM's school is doing is spring photos. WTF???

This time he gets a class photo. Dita - remember when we were in elementary school we got them FREE with our one and only photo time?

Had I known that they were going to do this, then I would not have purchased a photo package the last time and told them to put this time's photo in the year book instead. ARGH. Ugh. Grrrr.

Stoopid people!

I guess its a fundraiser otherwise I cannot see them doing this for the hell of it.

Why must public school systems in general be money hungry bastiches?

They are financial vampires disguised as education systems.

Hell, for the money we have to squeeze out of our backsides in taxes for these school districts, we could pay to put our children in private school for. But since we have to pay those taxes, then private school is out.

However, I did read a "bleeding heart" article from here and the WEED about how people are putting more children in Montessori and private academics. Tom of the WEED - you know, the asst. super or whatever the hell he is - used to be a cool person. He was a great current events teacher. I think ours (mine) was the last class to have him though before he went off to asshole training. Since that time he has become a really big shit head and a D.I.C.K. Believe me, upon reading the article of his quotes about the WEED, I so desperately wanted to shoot off an email to the writer of said article and give her an earfull about that school district and system.

Grrrr. Argh. (Think Buffy & Angel - at the end - the production company's signature thing.) - Wow, just feeling like I had to explain that made it lose its impact for me. Ack.

Well, enough rambling for now. Will get CJM from school soon. Looking forward to seeing my baby boy.



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