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Not that I WANTED it or anything...

its just nice to be the object of desire - no matter what that desire may be.

I'm damn good and I know it. Ego? Big Head? What the hell am I babbling about?

I didn't get the job. (Can I let out a whooping yahoo? - Well, could if I had a voice - the cough has taken it to nothing)

It came down to me and an internal person. I KNEW they would hire someone from inside. But I was assured that Cathy really pushed for it to be me instead.

Now that person's old job is open and they want someone to fill it. So I'm supposed to hear back by Monday if the salary I command is acceptable for the position and if it is then they want me to come in and interview for this position.

WTF? If they are on a hiring freeze and can't even bring me in for the other job I was originally HIRED for and then told about the freeze, then how can they hire someone for the newly open position?

Like I said, not that I want the job - but its nice to know I'm the object of their desire. *giggles*

Yes, I'm good, damn good, and I know it.


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Feb. 24th, 2004 11:24 pm (UTC)
Well you are woman of course your good ;)

I am sorry your feeling crappy :( I am finally getting over mine thankfully, but now the girls are hacking with sore throats. Kaeleigh is getting her puffer twice a day while shes coughing. It helps her so much!

Dave is complaining tonight that I gave it to him now. *sigh* shoot me now. I will nevah hear the end of it. *rolling eyes*

Take care of your self!!
Feb. 25th, 2004 12:51 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the wellness vibes. Its gone from a cough to just a sinus infection. This is good news. I'm feeling much better. Thank you. :-D

Oh, and **BANG** - there, I shot you.
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