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Voting - My biased opinion

**Note: As the subject line suggests, these are my opinions, I am biased, and they are strictly for my county. Furthermore, I'm not that politically minded, just opinionated.**

Just because I'm sick does not mean that I should not exercise my right to vote. So I go to the poles. I'm listed as "undecided". Of course I am. I'm 89% Republican and 11% Democrat. I don't always vote for one or the other either.

However, because it's a Primary - I have to choose one. Sigh. I go with Republican.

Mind, not all of the candidates are liked by me and I wish I could grab a Democrat ticket and vote against them. So I just didn't vote where it was only that one person.

I'm so glad that EK had someone Republican running against EK for the Judge seat being vacated by LS. EK does not have the ability to be a proper judge IMO - for all people who are in my county who read this and vote Republican and are voting today - when you get to the section for Domestic Relations Judge - vote against EK.

Its that whole being in the legal system and getting to know what kind of person in the courtroom EK is. EK is overly and obviously biased and flaunts that there is nothing that the attorney can do about it. If EK doesn't like a particular attorney, immediately EK is against that attorney's client and EK's mind is set and blocked to all else.

How old is EK? Does EK think EK is still back in grammar school? EK certainly behaves as if EK is.

That's it. I shall say no more. I've said more than enough really. Probably too much. But as I said - this is my biased opinion and having seen it in action first hand ... You fill in your own blanks. I for one would not want such a person as a judge should I have to enter that courtroom.

I know some of the other judges on the ticket too and voted FOR them.

Anyway, enough of my bias, you have your own I'm sure. He, He.

The fun part about this is that CJM got to "vote" too. The ladies at the voting station had a small voting place set up for children. They used extra tickets marked *Demonstration* on them. There was only two pages to the "voting machine" and the candidates were for the 1988 election year - how funny is that?

So CJM voted, got a sticker for voting, and got to keep the ticket. I love it!

I take him with me about every time I go to vote. I think him seeing me vote will help him out in his older years. Which will come all too soon. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

~Dismounts from high horse and soap box~



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