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Wedding Stuff

Overall it was a wonderful weekend. Dinner with Stan at Chili's, club Friday night.

Saturday we went with our friend Tammy to hunt down the woman at the flea market that sells like 200 wedding invitations for $45. She is no longer there. They said she moved flea markets. So we went to the next one.

Instead of going on the hunt for her, we went straight to the wedding dress store. After parusing the store, Tammy finds a dress that is BEAUTIFUL and it is just my size too.

So I try it on. Fits beautifully except for the bust. Then I get the bra on that goes with it and voila.

The headpiece came with it. So I picked out what the sales person said was a $90 tiara. As it was free, great.

Later Tammy and I find the exact same tiara in a book for $65. Sure, okay, whatever, it was free with the dress.

Only thing is, I had to leave the dress there, because at that time they did not have any garment bags to give me to put it into and as Stan was with, I did NOT want him to see.

I am so excited with and about this dress. It is absolutely beautiful. Gorgeous. Wonderful.

So Stan and I went back on Sunday to pick up the dress, and we walked around the market.

Stan said he felt like we were rushing through. We were. I was looking for that shop that was supposed to be there with the invitations. But it was not there. Oh well, we will just have to spend a bit extra on what we really want.

I did not want to spend my entire day at a flea market.

We have done that entirely too much. I get bored quickly.

One shop I stopped at to look at this very lovely forest green dress for Boo. I got to talking with the owner. She told me that she would not be there after Christmas as she was fed up with the management. She is not the first one I have heard complain.

So I was looking at the racks. I found this cream colored formal that is a size 5. I just could not take my eyes off of it. Then I see the tag. It's a Jessica McClintock. Those dresses are outrageously expensive. It was priced at $38.

My eyes bulged.

The owner could not believe that someone from po-dunk hickville knew what Jessica McClintock was. She could not believe that I knew that the dress in my hand for $38 was a dress valued at $150 elsewhere.

Stan is worried that it is a rip off. You can find the strangest things at flea markets. Treasures or crap.

So I bought it. And because I knew the designer, and pretty much most of them in the store, she gave me a 10% discount. This is a good thing.

It is a REAL Jessica McClintock.

We also found the ringbearer pillow and were looking at a wide variety of things.

Finding this stuff, buying this stuff, gets me so excited. Its real. Its really happening. Its really going to happen.

Friday night when Stan arrived at dinner he asked, how much do you love me? He knows the answer to that one.

He had been that day to the jeweler - they finally got an appointment with him - for the rings.

Stan could not describe exactly to me what they were going to look like, but by the sound of it, they will be amazing. And expensive. But he had the most expensive part - he had the diamonds already.

The jeweler designs his own stuff. My rings will be unique and one of a kind.

I am so excited.

We also talked to a photographer. The man is insane, I swear it.

$800 to do 4 hours worth of work, and at the end of that time he hand off all of the film to us for processing. That last part sounds wonderful. I like that. I like total control.

I think that is why Stan just said to me, you do it and tell me what "I" need to do, etc.

But $800????

If I could find a photographer who would work cheaper and would hand over the rolls at the end, I would do that.

We plan on having disposables at the reception. That will be fun. For everyone.

I'm wearing my hair down. I do not plan on carrying a bouquet but I do plan on having one to throw.

My kids are the flower girl and ringbearer. I am happy happy very excited woman.

Everything will fall into place probably about one week before the big event.


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(Deleted comment)
Nov. 25th, 2002 09:56 am (UTC)
Thank you. You have made me feel SOOOO much better!! ;o)
(Deleted comment)
Nov. 25th, 2002 10:31 am (UTC)
The one photographer we talked to said that he needed to start with the pics TWO HOURS before the wedding time.

My poor brain started screaming and running around in circles and was trying to get out of my head so that it could get very far away.

We need to find a photographer who gives us (me) control of both the shots taken and the film afterwards. We are willing to pay.

We PURPOSEFULLY set the wedding to end a couple of hours before the reception is to start just in case WE have to go set it up.

Unless we get last minute volunteers who know where the reception site is and will do it for us.

The cake is being made by my friend at my mom's house in Jacksonburg OH and I'm stressing on how we get it down there and set up without being in the car entirely too long.

Soooooo, deep breath - it will work out in the end. I hope.
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