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Oooooo I forgot

Had date night with Stan last night - first one in forever. We went to our favorite sushi restaraunt. I ate eel (nummy) and drank Kirin Ichiban beer for the first time. It was a pleasant surprise and definitely less carbonated that other beers I have drank. I would like some more. Jungle Jim's here I come!

Also, Stan and I were again in the chopstick debate. He was trying to teach me how to use them (I think I learned somewhere in my life) and I just could NOT get the hang of it his way.

So our waitress came to me and took them out of my hand and put them into her's and showed me the placement of them and she even picked up some small stuff with them. Then she gave them back and helped me place them in my own hand correctly and in no time I was picking up small stuff like single grains of rice.

She asked me if I wanted a pair to take home to practice with but we have so many chopsticks already here that Stan has brought home from chinese that I said no thank you.

Though I do look forward to returning and giving them another go, when we have the money to do it again. We never leave there without spending less than $50+ (including tip).

And I look forward to a date night where we can do more than go out to dinner.

And no, going to Best Buy afterwards to goob over printers and digital cameras is not "doing something more".

I'm talking movies or a club.

The night was very much wonderful. I love my Stanley. He gives me many naughty naughty thoughts. >:)



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