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Weird dreams

Last week I was having these weird dreams - the first two were about being preggers. In the first one I delivered my own child. I can't remember the second one.

Then I dreamed that I had gone to another country and had gone into a bar. There was a blond woman bar tender and a blond woman waitress and the bar was empty except for them and me. There were tvs playing around the bar and a juke box was playing as well. I sat at the bar and conversed with the bar tender. I remember telling her I wanted to get my nose pierced and my eyebrow pierced. So she gave me the information to someone she knew who did piercings and I left the bar and went there. I got my nose pierced only. I came back to the bar and again sat at the bar and talked with the bar tender. I ordered this new beer that I've been drinking lately. (FYI - I'm not that much of a drinker - I only drink it when we go for sushi as its Japanese) Not only does she have it, its also on tap, so I can get it either way. YAY - happy me.

The night goes on, and Stan comes to get me.

Seeing as how I went alone - I don't know how my husband got there - but I was happy to see him. I ran up to him and gave him a big hug and kiss and he says "I see you got your nose pierced" I asked him what gave it away and he said the big kid's battery operated toothbrush they had stuck in it.




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