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Tired, thankful, and feeling a bit silly

Okay, so I forego my rant about being "a pillar of strength". Whining about it does no good. Except maybe to get it off of my chest with people reading who can support and relate. :-D

Lunch with mom, off to get kids, told sister about the door at Papaw's and that BIL should stop over and check to see if he can do something about it, then stop at Papaw's to pick up his paper and get his mail. Go to door, do the twist, push and open thing without using my key (sighs). Kids charge in ahead of me yelling for Papaw. No answer. They panic.

I go in, put his paper and mail in his favorite chair and go looking. I find him in bed. I can't hear him breathe nor see into the room very well as the shades are drawn. So I go all the way into the room to check. He's sound asleep and that close I can tell he's breathing.

I found I was holding my breath and released it. Pushing kids out of his room I tell them to be very quiet and we leave.

He will call me when he gets up and finds his things there in the chair.

So we come home and BBK eats lunch (CJM and I having already eaten) and then the hunt for waterproof type mittens ensues. As does the hunt for BBK's snow pants. Once I've gone through every single storage tub I find the mittens I'm looking for in the very last one which was originally the one right in front of my face. Isn't that how it always happens? Sigh.

The snow pants were in their closet under a pillow. Don't know how CJM missed that. *cough, cough*Didn't look*cough, cough*

Once BBK had been changed completely after spilling her milk everywhere - we started dressing for outside play. Those two were so swaddled! *chuckles*

We go outside and they flop down to do snow angels. Then CJM wants to build a snow man. So I start rolling the snow. I get a nice size base too. But CJM is off just throwing snow around instead. BBK is crawling around on all fours making snow tracks. So I start to roll the second part of the snow man.

Then BBK says "Look momma!" And I look up just in time to see her flop down on the snowman base and smash it apart. BBK!!! But it was funny to see her like that.

So we tried to fix it but it was done with. I tried to put the second half on the poor base and it just falls off. I start packing it up and the kids join me. By the time we were done - it looked horrid. I took pics of the kids standing next to it then I told them to have at it. I took pics of them tearing it apart. Suddenly, tearing it apart became open snowball warfair on mom. w00t!! By the time we were done, CJM had snow down in his shoes and BBK had it in her hat. Mom reigns triumphant as I wore only snow on my backside from them sneak attacking me and hitting me in the butt repeatedly.

Now all are indoors and kids are having quiet time and instead of resting I'm on this darn addictive thing. LJ = CRACK



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