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Today's the day

I'm really a bit nervous actually. We went last week and viewed two houses but neither were eye catchers and were a bit disappointing to look at. Yet I wasn't nervous last week.

Today we are looking at two more. I'm nervous because I think we might actually want one of them and then finances - we can do it financially - but I do need to get that job or something equivalent to making about $600 per month part time so that we can afford the extra-extras. Otherwise we are going to have to tighten our belts - no more eating out, no play money, blah blah blah. Yet we can make it just fine.

Stan is looking to try to get into a more permanent position with his employment so that he can get more pay and can get health insurance benefits. He said he gave a sob story (which is absolutely true) to the upper boss and the upper boss is attempting to help locate a position for him. Of course the upper boss would be sad to see him leave as he is one of the kick butt workers there (or do I imagine this? ;) - nah, not with all of the emails of compliments on him sent to the upper boss).

I'm also doing my best not to start any sentences with "So". I use that word way too much in my typing - just as I use the words "actually" and "literally" too much in speaking.

You never realize how often you use a word until its either staring you in the face on screen or you hear it coming out of your childrens mouths back at you - IN CONTEXT. *shakes head*

Soon we will be looking at these two really nice big houses in Fairfield. Soon we will be deciding if we are interested in pursuing one of them. Soon we will have to sit down with someone to find out how much our monthly payments will be with the downpayment we have.

Soon we will have to decide how we are going to deal with the house in Middletown. A thing we are currently discussing at this very moment.

That's it for now. Will blather on some more later.



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