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We viewed both houses.

The first one had such structural damage that you wouldn't notice right away. Except the first thing I noticed was that they had a gutter drain that drained directly down the roof over the garage into another gutter. The entire roof was in need of replacement. (Hey, after going through this already, I know what I'm looking for.)

The kitchen was awesome but the carpet was all original throughout. 70's green and orange upstairs - UGH. With this seafoam green in the Living Room, Dining Room, up the stairs and through the halls upstairs. The Family Room had dirty brown carpet.

The back patio was cracked and almost in a position like this = ^.

Cracks all over the foundation and in the basement.

Also, had difficulty opening the front door - Stan had to both open it and lock it back when we left.

The house is 28 years old.

*shakes head* Definitely not interested.

The second house was beautiful at first sight (before we got into looking around closely).

Hard wood floors throughout the entire first level.

Difficulty with opening the front door on this one too, Stan got it open, would have to replace that.

The house sits on a hill. First thing I noticed before we went in was that on both sides of the door, there had been patching between several of the bricks, it was like stair steps starting on the (as you are facing it) right side up high and going to the door and then on the left side from the same level as it ended on the right side down to where the bricks ended and the aluminum siding started. In fact, one part of the aluminum siding had popped out but that was something that a quick mallet pounding would take care of in two shakes.

The foundation on the outside had been stuccoed and it was chipping off and falling away.

The front stairs (concrete) were pulling away from the house and in fact appeared to be crumbling - much patching had taken place.

The stairs, the fact of the patching, and the stucco falling off bothered Stan.

Inside was beautiful. Burbur carpet going upstairs and in all of the bedrooms.

All Anderson wood windows and Anderson french doors going out the back to a deck.

The dip into the driveway wasn't too terrible to get into and out of. The slant of the yard was soft and not difficult to navigate.

The basement had been waterproofed sometime ago and was partially finished.

The basement walked out into the garage.

There was a storage shed under the deck that was really big and nice.

There WAS a nice large hole in the trees that separated the property from the one behind it. It lead down into a large front yard and from there - a busy road. ACK. Definitely need that fenced with children.

We really liked this one - though not in love with it (which is a good thing) - yet when we started to pull out of the drive, a large black truck popped over the hill at an unsafe speed and caused Stan to slam on breaks and freaked me out.

If that's how typical people drive around there - that scares me to death. At any time someone could pop over that hill at top speed, not looking for a car to be pulling out of the drive, or a cat crossing the street, or a child. Doesn't matter the weather conditions. I'm sure it would be worse in rain and snow.

It frightens me.

I'm gonna take my MIL to check it out on Saturday to get her critical eye view on it - I'm gonna ask the realtor if she can find out if that's normal for traffic in that part of the street.

Before I meet them - I'm gonna go to Tylersville Road - the part off of By Pass 4 that is towards Hamilton, and check into the new homes they are building over there. The advertisement is "In the 140's". We all know how advertisement can be misleading. Yet I think its at least worth checking into.

I also think I'm gonna keep my eye open for other houses. That truck just scared me badly and I have a bad feeling about it. I know, go with your gut. Yet its nice to have a third party go with you and affirm your thoughts.



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