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So what, it's Friday the 13th. Well, this entire week has been Friday the 13th for me.

On Wed my sitter calls me to tell me something so freaky about my daughter that I'm instantly thrown into a freakout, hyperventilation type of state of being. I'm thinking, I'm going to MURDER/DEATH/KILL someone. Then it turns out that she was imitating a scene from Cry Baby (with Johnny Depp, Tracy Lords and Ricki Lake).

OMG - faints

I had to leave work I was so upset. I could not stop crying. So I went home, went to sleep, and then got up and retrieved my kiddlings from school and the sitters.

I saw my dr on Thurs who added two meds to my list of meds I'm on for the PTSD and Anxiety. Yea!

So now its Friday the 13th. Not one to be supersticious I'm thinking nothing can happen to me today.

My sister calls me and says "Did mom call you?" I said "No, why" - It turns out my foster bro who is living with me and my foster sis who is living with my mom were in a car accident in Trenton.

WTH?!? He was supposed to be at home watching my kiddlings as the sitter asked for and has the day off!!!!!


Instant panic mode.

So freaking I call the ER only to be interrupted by the work phone. I answer to hear my sister tell me that she found them at my mother's. WTH were they doing there? Why were they not at home?

I just learned that he was not driving his car, but his brother's car. They were having problems with the brakes and had just put break fluid in it thinking that was what was wrong but apparently not.

He was driving 60 MPH in a 45 MPH. He was coming around the same curve which my mother was hit at when I was in the car with her when I was 5 and my brother was 3. Same ages as my two are now.

As he came around the curve, there was a semi stopped for a school bus.

He slammed on his brakes but they failed and he turned the car so as not to hit anyone he slammed THROUGH a phone pole. Had foster sis not had on her seatbelt she would have been thrown through the window and dead upon impact. She is otherwise bruised and very sore from the seatbelt.

Lil bro slammed into the steering wheel and windshield. There is a 2 hour wait for x-rays so they do not know if his ribs are bruised or if they are broken.

He will be charged for sure. He will not get his license ever. He only has his temps and can drive with a licensed driver, ie lil sis (or me or another family member).

He will also have to pay to replace that phone pole. I don't think he realizes that yet.

I can trust him to take care of my kids in my home or in my mom's home.

He will NEVER EVER EVER drive with my children in his car - EVER!!!!!

I swear to you, they are trying to kill me. Heart failure is on my horizon. I am no longer a blond. I am now completely gray headed.

My children are safe. For the oddest of reasons they were with lil bro's mom and she took them to my mom's and left them with her youngest daughter and my youngest sister. I called. They are fine, playing, having fun. They love being at Mamaw's house.

I'm going to go get them from there. Hug them up tightly. Drive past where the accident happened and cry and marvel at how lil bro and lil sis are not dead.

I wonder if he went into the cemetary which is right there. If so, did he take out any of the grave markers? Cause if he did, he has to replace those too.

Hopefully he just went off into that uninhabited but clean cut place between West Side and the cemetary.

I'm gonna go soak my head now.



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