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I hate it here

I hate this office. I hate coming in here. I hate this job.

Its not what I do, its the person I work for.

I had to take yesterday off due to sick child. I got a call from boss every 10 minutes about something that "should have been done some time ago and MUST BE DONE TODAY!!!"

Freak, freak, freak. Spaz, spaz, spaz.

I told him about that, how that upsets me.

Not that I am "delicate" mind you. But my mental well-being has gone to hell since starting this job.

I am expecting, and hoping to receive, a phone call from a perspective employer in order to set up a job interview. I am excited about this. My fingers are crossed.

I got an email yesterday from another perspective employer. I was offered $45,000.00 per year to start. FAINT. The catch? I have to move to Cleveland.

Um, no. I want something around here. But what around here would possibly offer me $45,000.00 per year to start, plus benefits?

Not one damn thing.

I have too much holding me here. Way too much.

My kids for example. While I could probably move with them, I have to think of their fathers. While it would not kill My Little Man to NOT see his dad, it would hurt his dad. Not to mention his Mamaw who would just croak if I took him away from her.

My Papaw is still alive. He will be 96 in March. He is still kickin it on his own. A thing I am proud to crow about because I love my Papaw dearly.

How would he react to such a drastic move? Terribly. He would probably feel like he has nothing left to live for as my brother moved to Florida over two years ago.

Myself and my brother, the oldest two, the favorites. If we both were gone, that would be it for Papaw.

I am his alternate Trustee on his Trust and I am his Executrix on his Estate when he passes away.

Sadly, I have that to think about. Could I do that long distance?

I have two farms to take care of when he is gone. I have money to dole out as it needs to be, all the while trying to convince the other heirs to fork over some dough to keep the farms.

I do not see how I could OVERSEE all of this from Cleveland.

I kept the employer's email and telephone number at their request in case I changed my mind.

I have so much holding me back. What is holding me back are the exact same reasons I should go.

Keep your fingers crossed, your prayers or whatever going to whereever for me. I need out of this Hell Hole. Thank you.


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Dec. 17th, 2002 06:14 am (UTC)
Where in Cleveland would you have to move too. That is another thing you might want to look into. Some parts of Cleveland are, shall we say, not too friendly.
If you think you need out THAT bad, you really ought to sit back and weigh all the pro's and cons... I mean you started that right here... but your forgetting one person.. YOU!!
Your looking at the kids (which is not a BAD thing, mind you), their dad, this person, that person, and what if?....
But what do YOU really want?
Good luck on your decision, if it's what you want I hope you find something comparable down your way, and I will keep my fingers crossed for you!!
Good Luck!!
Dec. 17th, 2002 08:18 am (UTC)
What you really want
A career at OCG 45G/yr
that money could out both kids in a preschool that would transport C to school!
Bearer of a Y chromosone to Listen, Focus & Pay Attention!
Women have been able to do 2 things at the same time for thousands of years.
Get with the program.
Everything is IMPORTANT!

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