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We may not be getting this house. We qualified for everything, then the whole house inspection was today.

Did not turn out nicely. Wasn't terrible, but just some major expenses to fix the problems there.

These are problems that doesn't matter who owns the house is going to have to fix before it is sold. Whether we are stupid and pay the agreed upon price and make about $10K worth of fixing our problem or whether the owner is stupid and refuses to repair anything.

However, WE are not stupid and would not pay the price and then make $10K worth of repairs. No. Yes, we demanded that the seller fix all of the problems that we felt we did not need to be responsible for.

My gut feeling is that this person wants out of this house, will not accept less than X amount and will not make any of the repairs. The minor ones I, personally as a seller, would have no problem with. I would further, personally as a seller, take a good hard look at down the road when the buyers would be interested in selling and fix what they asked of me. OR knock the price down. But I'm just an ol' softy that way. Besides, if the new owners lived there for 20 years by the time they go to sell there is going to be a whole slew of new problems for them to deal with that are all theirs.

I really believe that I will get a phone call tomorrow (Saturday) and be told that no, no repairs are going to be made. The seller may not see them as major repairs, we do, its a difference of opinion. I don't want to get stuck with her 20 years of built up problems.

I asked Stan what his thoughts were on this. He said that if she said no, then we would ask that she drop the asking price by $12K so that we would have the money to repair.

Since seller has already said she would not accept less than X, then I do not see that happening either.

There are other houses out there, in the area we are looking. They may be listed higher, but I think that the people would deal. The house does not appear to be lived in for some time, but kept up fine.

And this time we can ask the sellers what type of X,Y&Z is going on with the house and even walk about and look for ourselves since we have a good idea now of things we need to look at.

My gut says, we won't take the original house, because my gut says that seller won't move. Fine. Because she refuses to make repairs, we don't have to buy and allow her to sit on it until the other people sell their house, which could be who knows when.

This really isn't a rant and I've noticed that I have now talked in circles.

Where's my drink???? ;)



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