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We are stuck

in a contract on a house, waiting to find out if the seller is interested in fixing anything.

Last night, I find this house listed and I go 'hummm' and so today I called the realtors listing it and asked questions and got answers - not all but some - and then I took it upon myself to go walk the house - no one's living there so it wasn't too bad to do that.

Here's the major problem - I'm now excited about the house I walked and am very very very times a gazillion interested in going to see it. NOW! My impatience is showing.

I contacted our realtor, looking for a time frame when we can expect a response from the other seller on the problems and she said the seller had 7 days. !!!!!

Basically, we are STUCK in this contract until we find out what the seller is going to do and if the seller does everything we ask - we are stuck with this house.

We like the house, don't get us wrong, but we are not in love with it. I think I may be in love with the new one instead.

Stan says I'm obsessing.

Yet he is the one who said he felt rushed on the first one. Now we have a good idea of what we are looking for in regard to structure, etc.

I did give our realtor heads up about what we would like to do and she said she felt that we should wait until we know about the contract on the first house.

Yes, the first house is nice, but it feels more - hollow - the vibe I got from house 2 was warm, loved, used, fun. The neighborhood is more tightnit. House 1 is in a neighborhood with houses further apart (no I don't want to be on top of my neighbors next door, but I do not want to be very far away either - unless I'm on the farm and then that's alright by me) and it appears that the neighbors keep pretty much to themselves. House 2 neighborhood appears that the neighbors are the kind to jump in and help out if you need to.

Perhaps its because the seller in the one we have a contract on had a hard time getting through her divorce, it just has empty sadness throughout. I can see us living there, I can see us entertaining there, but now I don't want to. Not after learning of the problems yesterday. I want out, I want free to roam. I hate feeling trapped.

I feel as if this is a terriorist situation and I refuse to be held hostage.

Sigh, as someone who worked in law with a real estate attorney - you'd think I'd know better wouldn't you?


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Mar. 27th, 2004 12:28 pm (UTC)
Patience my darling, patience......

Things WILL happen the way they are meant to. I am impatient by nature but also know the value of taking a deep breath and waiting things out. When we were buying our second house we put an offer in and had a similar situation to the one you are experiencing. It turned out that the seller turned us down (about fixing some things or lowering the price of the home to make up for it) it ended up that we found a better home right after. These things all happen for a reason, whatever that reason may be.....breathe, and wait it out darling -- I know how hard that can be!!

Strenth to you and yours!! :)
Mar. 27th, 2004 12:29 pm (UTC)
Strength, that is :)
Mar. 27th, 2004 12:56 pm (UTC)
Thanks love. I knew what you meant to say. I truly need it as does Stan.

He's a bit freaked out about this whole thing as he's never done anything like it before. I owned my house when we got married so I'm pretty familiar to what goes into upkeep on a home.

Only thing is I didn't pick the house I live in now, my Papaw did and arranged everything.

I've been at peace since last Sunday, only today I'm vibrating, but only because I found this other house and I'm interested in it, blah blah blah - I've already rambled about that. lol

My impatience gets me into WORLDS of trouble.
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