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Public Rant

I'm making this a public rant because A) B^S will be hearing about it tonight as I go off on the subject and B) it will be ranted about by me to everyone I can rant about it to for a while. AND C) I will be ranting about it every time I have to work with it.

I attended the DR seminar today for legal secretaries / assistants / paralegals. The format appeared to be very simple in their flyer. Notice they sent a flyer and the keyword in that last sentence was APPEARED.

I arrive. I am instructed to pick up a copy of the materials for the seminar. I get NEW DR RULES (WTF?), a new packet of the checklists of what Complaince will be nitpicking on the next thing I send to them and will most likely be sent back to me because it is wrong, a telephone list that is about 1/2 a page (why? because they left their direct #s off so we couldn't bug them directly when they piss us off), intro to the new family unit, "suggestions and tips" from the compliance office, the adminstrative assistants (a couple of which are men) and case management.

My boss's FAV Magistrate emanceed the whole thing. Can you say EOB is being facecious? Boss and Mag HATE each other. Mainly because boss is brown noser and has the ear of the senior DR judge. A position which this Mag wants and my boss could very well influence the judge when it comes time to appoint her successor.

So you'd THINK that the Mag would be kissing my boss's butt wouldn't you? But she does not.

ANYWHO . . .

The Mag proceeds to go thru the new rules and point out what is new and what is now manditory. OMG!!! The crud and the crap and the muck and the mire that ALL attorneys who do DR are going to have to go thru come May 1st.

More manditory stuff in the case caption, including telephone numbers of the parties, the judge who it was initially assigned to, which judge heard the final hearing, which magistrate heard the last matter.

No more Agreed Entries allowed. Everything must be done by Motion. <--- That one is a pisser.

All exhibits must now be tabbed, no exceptions. Boss will flip. Talk about more work.

AND the parties must provide the VIN #s to their automobiles. What for? Because if Wife says she'll pay the auto loan and does not and it falls back on Husband to make the payments then Husband can take the Decree of Divorce / Dissolution to the Clerk's office and transfer Wife's automobile into his name and repossess the automobile.

OR, say Husband was to turn new truck over to Wife and did not do so, then Wife could take the Decree to the Clerk's office and file it and turn the truck over into her name and repossess it from Husband.

THEN say they have all this credit card debt and list he will take VISA and she will take VISA and he will take Mastercard and she will take Discover, etc. Well, they didn't tell where the VISA or Mastercard was from because there could be another Mastercard or Discover card out there that was not listed (for whatever reason - accidently, on purpose). Then they come back and say NO you were supposed to take THIS card.

So for the purposes of clarification they must spell out WHICH card is being taken by WHOM and list the account numbers of each card. At this moment, that is the entire account number that the Court is requesting be listed.

Now I don't know about you, but that is an awful lot of personal information which can be obtained from those numbers and you never know who will see that and decide to run a credit card scam. There are those people working within our esteemed Courts system. They could take the #s and pass them to someone who would run the scam and kick back a percentage.

It is being taken under advisement to only be able to list the last four digits of the card. But until then, its the whole #.

I'm not saying that things don't make sense.

Because it does happen that Wife does not make the car payments and it falls to Husband to pay (but that is usually because she is being vendictive - not that women ever do those sorts of things) or Husband decides to hell with her I'm keeping my new truck (not that a man would ever do that sort of thing).

And there does become confusion and they do go back to court over petty issues regarding the already supposedly divided credit card debt.

AND to top it all off, all of the forms I currently use - are garbage on May 1st. If I didn't say that already. See, I'm so distraught that I can't recall what I wrote!!!!!

And while this will be crazy until it is all worked into the system and established practices, I'm gonna scream. Well, not literally maybe after the first few times.

Deep sigh - exhale - it's gonna be okay, it's gonna be okay, it's gonna be okay.

If I say that enough times will it be true?

Now I get to go type up a memo about all of this crap so that we are all on the same page.



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Apr. 19th, 2002 12:26 pm (UTC)
WTF? More Red Tape
Dearest Eye,

Pardon, my french. But WTF are this people doing? Credit Card numbers, socials, you get someone to copy this all done to a diskette and sell the info.

Now, you go be the super paralegal I know you can be and kick some ass with this.

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