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What can I say?

I was so excited. Stan arrived first with our realtor and got the first peek inside without me.

A wee bit anti-climatic - but hey, that's fine. I got to see the outside in the bright sunshine without him. We are even. *smile*

Many rooms did not have overhead lights - in fact, no lights at all really, so we had to rely on the lights in the other rooms to shine in.

The living room and dining room are carpeted. The living room has been sponge (or feather) painted a light light blue. In the dark, with the assistance of the hall light and the dining room light, it looked really decent.

The dining room light was low enough that both Stan and I had to duck under it, but its supposed to be in the middle with a table under it. Like you, my reader, couldn't figure that one out on your own that I had to tell you. *chuckles at myself*

The hallway from the front door to the center was not bad in the way of getting in - it was a bit smaller than something really large though. But Stan got through it fine.

The half bath enterance is small. Stan walked up to the door and it hit him right in both shoulders - on the front. He would have to turn sideways to get in there, but the room itself isn't teeny. Its probably the same size as any other one, only it looks smaller because of the enterance. Its in a rectangle shape rather than a square.

The family room has a wood floor. When I looked in on my walk around I noticed it looked warn. Not in a bad way, in a way that says "I'm used and I'm comfy".

There is a small tiled area between it and the kitchen. That's for a breakfast table. We could probably install a breakfast bar or something - expanding the counter space.

The kitchen has a drop ceiling. It appears that it is only a foot or shorter taller than Stan. He can't brush his head on it, but it's pretty low. Someone 6'5" couldn't walk through there.

There's plenty of cabinet space. Counter space is small, but certainly more than we have now. The microwave is built in above the stove with a fan and its vented outside.

It was raining nicely. Stan took a step out onto the deck. You could tell that the wood was just soaking up the water.

We opened and went into the garage. DEFINITELY oversized. Room plus. And there are cabinets out there galore - more storage space.

We went upstairs and took a look into the bedrooms. The master bedroom is nice. It has a ceiling fan and the walk in closet has a window looking out back. There's even a switch in the ceiling that I would not begin to guess what its there for.

The master bath has just a shower (well, with the other stuff in a bathroom, duh) - it was darker than I would have liked it to be - that can easily be remedied. It has a sky light in there.

The closet in the hall at the top of the stairs has sliding doors. Stan was concerned at first about them and cats. After closer inspection he figured cats could handle themselves and the doors just fine.

We looked at all of the doors into the rooms - they are going to have to be replaced - just those hollow wood things that are easily punched through - in fact, one of them had a nice hole in it.

The upstairs bath also had a skylight.

The bedrooms were dark, hard to see into as the hall light did not give much in the way of illumination to them. Yet I found them nice sized with shelving in the closets. I could tell at least one of the rooms needed to be re-painted.

We went to the basement. Its red. Very red. The stairs are comfy carpeted (but it still needs a bannister w/spindels). The basement was finished. The walls here were also sponge / feather painted. They are cream and red. Again with the red.

We walked around and noticed where we could put computers. That's cool.

Then we went into the laundry room. It has an oversized hotwater heater. YAY for hot showers. Basically because they had had a hot tub at one point outside and the above-ground pool is still up.

There is a water softener. Its older. No washer or dryer.

Oh, all appliances stay that are there - the fridge is an older fridge you can tell, but it is a nice sized one.

In the laundry room also was the furnace. You could tell that this was one of those houses that had been a half basement with the brick wall between it and the part that was gravel. The owners had taken down part of the wall and had concreted over the rest of it giving uber storage.

Just as we got done, the doorbell rings. Its my BIL. I had asked him to come but didn't think he would show. Very surprised and happy he did.

He works construction and is also an electrician. He walked the house with us again looking at the construction and the wiring.

The wiring is fine. Only one thing is aluminum branch wiring. Since there is only ONE and the rest are copper - this is fine.

Tom did reattach the grounding wire for the water meter.

Overall, he did pick on things that we, the untrained non-construction people, would never notice.

While in the basement, Stan leaned against my back, head down, and said quietly "poing".

I fell in love with the outside. Forget the fish pond, non-consequental. Its just a beautiful house.

The inside has its narrow spaces, but its much livable.

One thing Stan said to me is "Look at how the kids are growing, they will probably be taller than you." Yes honey, as Dita says, I have giant genes.

I don't expect HER to get taller than 6'. Yes, I do expect her to get that tall. Look, she's only 4 and she's the size of a healthy first grader, alright? ;)

Him, I expect to hit about 6'1". I don't see him any taller. But he could stop growing at 5'11". He's currently 6 and his sister weighs more and is as tall as he is. He is scrawny. Yet has a hollow leg - go figure.

Not that we know anyone who is a hyper person in this family who he could take his hyper metabolism after. *looks up to the ceiling whistling*


ANYWAY, the realtor tells me that it didn't just go on the market but it did just go BACK on the market. It was on the market from the middle of December through the end of February. It started out at 169,9 and went down to 164,9. Then three weeks later, after the people had moved out, they put it back on the market at 169,9.

We have several advantages here. We have this information. The above-ground pool is gonna have to go. Yet mom has dibs but we won't tell THEM that. So that's an expense to us.

We are gonna have to replace a couple if not all of the bedroom doors upstairs. An expense to us.

We are gonna have to install the bannister with spindels for the basement stairs. An expense to us.

We are gonna have to re-seal the deck. An expense to us.

We are gonna have to purchase and install a drain spout from the upper one to the gutters above the garage or else the roof will really get damaged. An expense to us.

Sure, we could ask that they install these things or remove the pool, but its not worth it to them. They would refuse if we put it on a request form.

Gotta love LJ, it can save so much. What have I forgotten? Oh yeah, I'll just check my LJ - I wrote it down there.

Now, the release for the other house has been signed by us. It was faxed to the seller's realtor on Tuesday. No news as of today on the release being signed by seller, but the house is now listed as back on the market.

We have an appointment Thursday to go and work up a contract for this house.

Stan and I talked and talked and talked. We listed pros and cons. We discussed each.

I told Stan that I really liked this house and feel it meets our needs. He said to me "You know what? I do too. I'm just being nit-picky to convinence myself that I don't."

Stan did tell me that he thought the other house met our needs but in looking at it in my mind's eye, it was not the right house for us.

We will never find the "perfect" house. We will find one we like and keep it a while.

I can see us living her for a few years, not just five, but like as many as I have lived here.

Until I figure something else out to post, I'm off.



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