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Have you ever?

Just had a feeling about something and felt good about the feeling?

About half an hour after we left, our realtor calls and said that there were multiple offers on the house - no biggie. She said we could let our initial offer ride and hope we are the highest or we could make another offer. I said let Stan and I talk and I would call her back quickly.

I talked to Stan and he said to up the offer but make it final. I told the realtor and she relayed the message.

She called me back a half hour after that. The sellers came back with this ridiculious counter and said they wouldn't pay closing costs. She said that she had told the sellers realtor that wouldn't fly but by law had to offer it to us and hear us say nope.

So I said no, our final offer was our final offer, tell them see you bye.

Had they come much lower, then we would have NOT gone up but offered to split closing costs 50/50.

I feel that if there were mulitple offers on the house, then we must have been the highest for them to even move so quickly.

IF there were other offers.

I mean, the house had sat on the market for 3 months without any bites. Then they moved and its been vacant for at least a month.

*I* think we have been the ONLY offer at all. *I* think that they thought they could play this game with us and get us up to where they wanted us at the 164,5 that they had last listed the house at before taking it off the market.

Perhaps they thought we might not know about that. I'm certain that they do not realize that we have already been thoroughly through the house without benefit of inspection by a "professional". Who says the BIL isn't a professional? He's certified (and certifiable but that's the joke).

Our offer was and is reasonable. The contract is not accepted.

Yet here is the feeling I have - not that we will find another house - but that our realtor will call us tomorrow and tell me that they've reconsidered, will accept our offer, and are asking if we will split the difference in closing costs.

Perhaps our realtor will call with another counter offer - we still won't budge any further - we're done bidding - yet perhaps *I* will offer to split the closing costs.

I think that we will be chased. Its just a feeling I have.

My gut is speaking to me.

Will I be disappointed if we are not chased? Will I be disappointed if we do not receive a call?

No. I have this good feeling. I'm calm.



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