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My Papaw just lectured me yet again on staying where I am and being content with it. He said that the right house would come along God willing.

He said that we should share rooms with the kids in the mean time. !!!

*shakes head*

I love him, but he just doesn't get it. He still lives in the early 1900s (he was born in 1907).

What he doesn't know won't hurt him, or me.

I love that man!!!!

EDIT: He calls me on 4/4/04 to say that I should go look for foreclosed homes. Working as I have in the field that I have I'm more familiar with what happens with foreclosed homes than the general public. When you buy it, its yours, you can't give it back because of busted water pipes, destroyed property as the evicted former owners move out, leaks, creaks, or other. A house in good condition worth almost 200 thousand being foreclosed upon may only go for 150 thousand and then when the purchaser (if not the mortgager) goes in and finds its gonna cost them about that to repair it, its an ACK situation.

Then there are the homes that the mortgager buys at foreclosure and sells as is. The problem with "as is" is that you have no recourse if you are stupid enough to purchase it at their asking price and find all of these problems. Oh, and you HAVE to purchase it at their asking price because there is no negotiations, its what the mortgager absolutely must have and the listing price is the bottom price and will not be moved any lower.

HELLO! Papaw! I love you.



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