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Keep your child attached to your side, especially in busy parking lots.

Kate tells me last night that while she was at work yesterday something very bad happened.

It turns out that as a parent was leaving the grocery (Kroger) that parent allowed their THREE YEAR OLD CHILD, not much bigger than Bean or Little Miss, to RUN towards the car.

In the wild 3 year old run, a car backs out of its parking space. A child that small is difficult to see, even in my Corolla. It runs right over that baby. Then, not realizing that they had hit anything, they pull forward, again running over the baby.

The little boy is currently in critical condition at Children's Cinci.

WHERE THE HELL WAS THE PARENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My children know that there are rules in a parking lot, and around streets in general, they MUST hold my hands or in the alternative keep their hands on the cart. If neither is available they are to attach themselves to me in some fashion - like putting a hand in my pocket or holding onto the pocket tightly so I can tell they are hanging on.

Am I upset about what happened to this child? Totally. Freaked? Absolutely.

TG Kate was inside when this occurred because of her mentality. Had she seen this she would have immediately gone into a coma. Her brain would have ceased to function because she would have imagined it to be one of our babies in that little boy's place.

What really pisses me off is that the parent(s) is going to blame the driver and Kroger. Not only that, I foresee a lawsuit against both the driver and Kroger.

The blame lies with the parent who allowed their child to run loose like that.

I can only imagine the pain the driver must feel right now over this. Yes, the parents are in pain, but the parents are stupid for allowing this to happen.

I do indeed feel that the parents are the majority of the blame in this situation.

Can I always control my children from running ahead of me? No. Except when we are in parking lots and around streets. They run ahead until they get to the door to go out or until they get to an imaginary boundry and they stop and wait for me. They know I love them and will punish them for disobeying me. They've known this since they were 2. If my children have known this since the age of 2, what parent cannot teach this to their own small child??

Gah, I can go on and on and on about this parent's stupidity.

I truly hope and pray that the little boy makes it through this and comes out good as new.


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Apr. 7th, 2004 06:50 am (UTC)
I constantly see people letting their kids run in front of them downtown. It drives me nuts. I don't know if they don't care, or don't realize how easy it would be for one of them to dart into traffic. I've even seen them not even looking when the child went running almost half a block away. Sometimes I want to loudly exclaim, "Wow... I can get a lot for a kid this young!"
Apr. 7th, 2004 08:21 am (UTC)
Which is why for me heart failure sets in when one of them is out of my sight, even for a moment.

C's now 6 and being total boy wants to be big enough to go into the Men's room all by himself.

I let him, but my heart is gripped with a kind of fear until he comes back to me. Anything could happen in there - I've heard horror stories about pedifiles and sickos hide out in public mens restrooms waiting for unaccompanied young boys.

I would think its the women who do the kidnapping thing. I've heard horror stories about women waiting to take a young girl unaccompanied from public womens rooms.

Because of my "fear" in letting him do something independent I stay close to the door, or sit close to the restrooms at restaurants.

Kate (my sister) asked me what I would do if I heard him cry out for help in the Men's Room - I said I would charge in with the only warning being "INCOMING" as I burst into the room.

I would do the same if I thought he was in there for longer than I believe he should be.

Woe be to the person who I would think was even hurting my child - forget the police, forget court, forget jail - by the time I'm done they would be begging for death - be it male or female.

Sorry bout that - just went off, again. :)
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