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Does life get any better than this?

8:20 am - headed out the door with kiddlings to take to Aunt Panda's for while.

8:30 ish - drop kids off at Panda's and head out for house inspection scheduled for 9 am.

8:50 ish - driving down Rt 4 towards the By-Pass I hear this amazingly loud noise like a gun shot and the window in the sliding door on the right side of the van implodes. Yes, you heard me correctly, I said IMPLODES. Right into the van. HEART FAILURE

So a guy in a truck who had been sitting in my blind spot on that side pulls up next to me and mouths "What the hell was that?" I shrugged and fought panic. I pulled into DRL (nka Butt Tech) and he saw where I was going to pulled in front of me and pulled in.

He got out of his truck and came over to the van and together we surveyed the damage. Glass was everywhere on that side. It didn't come up past the back of the front passenger's seat. It didn't go past the middle of the kids seat. BUT it was right where BBK sits. Had she been with me, I would still be in the hospital with her because the blast would have tore her up and most likely put out her eyes.

While talking and checking out the van (he had told me that he saw what happened, tho didn't see any projectile, and that some of the glass showered his truck but he and it were fine and he just worried about me - how sweet) Stan pulls up. He's all panicked. He gets out and comes up to us (I had assured the man that was my husband as Stan pulled in behind me). He sees what happened and tries to joke it away. Typical Stan. But very dear of him, trying to sooth the savage freaked out beast. That is one of the reasons I love him so much.

The man is satisfied I'm safe and taken care of so he leaves. Stan and I are now about 10 min late to the inspection which was supposed to start at 9 am.

9:20 am we arrive at the inspection. The wife is still home so we get to chat with her about the house. They have lived there 8 years. She answered many questions - something that she does not have to do - but she is a cool person. We really liked her.

11:10 am Inspection and Discussion with inspector ends and we head out to Perkins to get a clear head over the whole morning. Then we battle - but I think it was more because we were venting over the whole van window explosion than the house.

The inspection was pretty good. Some things we didn't see (that untrained eye bit and all) and others that we had already seen and were aware of.

Was supposed to meet realtor before noon but I called her crying (because of fighting with Stan) and let it come across as the van window thing had just happened.

I'm pretty devious that way.

Of course now Stan says he will doubt me next time I'm crying. When I'm pissed, I cry, he can tell when I'm pissed - so he will NOT doubt that crying. In fact, he will run away until at least 3 of the 7 heads has retreated.

11:30 am - we head out to find a vacuum to clean the van.

11:45 am to 1 pm - clean out the van - good time to rid ourselves of unwanted McDonald's toys and store the wanted Sonic toys

I call Panda 1st to tell her what's up and turns out she has half our family in her living room. Freaks Bug out. Then Panda calls mom at work and freaks mom out. The madness in this clan never ends.

Glass was more than everywhere. There are still small slivers remaining. When Stan opened the door glass just spewed out onto the pavement around the vacuum making small shattering noises as they hit. GAH - we had to vacuum the pavement there were so many. It also took 4 rounds of running the vacuum to get it all up.

1:30 ish we go on the hunt for Chinese as I'm suddenly hungry and wanted that.

We find LuLu's in Tri-Cty and discover they don't accept debit check cards - another GAH because we live on those rather than write checks or carry cash. So Stan walks around the lot looking for an ATM. I look across the street - the bank sign says 5/3 - Stan's bank - I point - we laugh. We go get cash then go get Chinese. Chinese good. Then when we left I recall Stan had walked down to the end of the strip mall and had discovered a coffee shop. COFFEE!! BLENDED MOCHA!!

Its now about 2 ish. We get our Mochas (2 because Stan wants one which I found odd but also happy about). We hit potty before leaving and while in potty my realtor calls to see if I'm okay. This was funny. I assured her I was and set appointment at 3:30 to meet with her to discuss the inspection and outline the things we want fixed.

(I snuck a call to Dita and before I could tell her about this van thing I ended up cutting her off by accident, unless she hung up on me but its one of those days and I will talk to Dita soon. Yet I think I cut her off because the realtor called me right then. *shrugs*)

I take Stan to the purple neon (zoom zoom) and we head in separate directions. Me to get kids and him to school to study and prepare for class tonight.

2:58 pm - I get to Panda's. Her SO checked out the van and just kept saying "Crazy". *rolls eyes* I paid Panda because I hadn't intended to be gone so long. She totally understood and said she had enjoyed her day with them.

I rush kids into van, putting BBK up front with me (no passenger air bag), and discovering both kids had dog poopy all over their shoes. YUCK!! and double YUCK!!

So, window out, dog poopy smell and all, headed back to realtor's office. Got stuck behind every slow moving vehicle in Butler County, and hit every red light between Panda's and Fairfield.

Made it by 3:33 pm - only 3 minutes late - yay.

Kids went to work in the toy closet and realtor and I wrote up repair list. Then realtor leaves message for loan officer to contact me which she does as I leave and we lock in a rate for our loan - rates are headed back up - ACK, sigh.

During all of this crap I had called a glass replacement co to discover price to fix window is 236.49. I will call around. I called dealership to verify no recalls and he did much investigation for me and found no recalls on the van and this only happening in 10 years to 2 other Mercury vehicles and none the van. The dealership also ran estimate to replace window and called me back and said I was better off elsewhere as they too high. Wow, honesty! The man must be sick or will promptly be fired tomorrow for being honest.

I had also called the MIL to tell her what had happened and that freaked the MIL out.

Much freaking out occurred today. Over an imploding van window where my child sits.

*takes deep breath and charges back in* THEN, headed to mom's to drop off CJM for his only night this weekend to spend with mamaw and made it by 5:03 and she pulled in behind me.

We got our Easter baskets and much Peeps are to be had. Mine! All Mine! ;)

Left mom's about 5:30 ish to go to Family Dollar to pick up a clear drop cloth and some scissors to keep in the van and some tape.

After leaving Family Dollar headed south to meet up with DA.

Arrive at meeting place at 7 pm (which is the new time we had agreed upon) and DA arrives at 7:45. GRRR They leave at 8 pm as BBK decided to pull a CJM and cried for her mommy.

While waiting for DA I went ahead and taped up the window until I can get it replaced. Fingers crossed either Sat or Mon.

I have not rested. I've been up since 7:20 (woke up at 6:50).

Between running like a mad fiend and heart failure, I felt I deserved a Turtle Sundae from UDF. Yummy.

Nope, no din, just sundae.

9:00 PM - I get home to messages and realize that I have not had a moment to call the 867-5309 people back - its a joke, long story. So I called and we chatted until 9:30 because she had to leave (and for that I'm greatful - she's a huge talker and will talk my ears off for HOURS - gee, sounds like me sometimes).

After finishing the sundae I decide I want Wendy's cheese potato and text Stan who calls me as he leaves school to complain that I could have gotten it for myself. Sure I could, but I deserve some pampering dammit!! POING - pedicure here I come!

So that was a day in the life of me. That, other than the imploding window, has been my life since we truly started house hunting. I have had to hang a wall calendar on my front door where I can see it as I leave so that I don't miss appointments like the one CJM had on Princess's birthday but I blanked out on and spent the evening with Dita, Pet and Princess at CEC. But that was more fun than the appointment would have been.

Relax? What is this word relax? You say I need a full body massage? I totally agree. When are you gonna buy it for me? *winks big time*

Yes, life gets better - I have much to be greatful and thankful for today. Most importantly is that my kids were not in the van at the time of the window stupidity and that BBK is safe and sound. Secondly is that I wasn't shot at.

Keep well. Keep safe. Happy Easter!



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