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Pampering me

After the Friday from HELL (and Good Friday to boot) I slept in today, then I went to the bank, then I went to a new place to have a manicure and a pedicure.

I like this place better than the last one I went to. I suspect my nail color may last longer this time. YAY

To continue my pampering - I took CJM shopping after his T-Ball practice. Go to Wally's and get necessary stuff as well as Cotton Candy in those tubs they have out in front of the snack bar (nummy).

Get home, get groceries put away, plop on couch, break into Cotton Candy - find dead bug on top. EEeeeewwwwwww. Then I start looking around the outside of the tub and find about 3 more. Eeeewwwww. I called Wally's and explain it. I take the tub back to Wally's for return of my whole whopping buck. The manager came out and checked the tub out and saw that indeed there were dead bugs (like I would make that up!!).

She asked what they could do for me. I told her I just wanted my money back. They didn't know this was like this (as I think what they do is ship it in already made), not a big deal - but it has put me off of Cotton Candy for a while, which I also told the manager.

The cashier gives me my dollar and then tells me to hang on. They gave me a $20 gift certificate. Yes, they want my business. What they don't know is I'm a Wally's junkie and I'm not lettin on either. I told the manager that they didn't have to do that and thanked her.

Then we went on the great metal T-Ball bat hunt. Nothing at Wally's. Nothing at Big K. Then went to Meijer. Found a great bat - for $69.99. I think not. Then we find another great bat - for $24.99. I'm tired, I'm run down, I'm hungry - he gets the $24.99 bat. Its blue and its a Louisville Slugger.

CJ wants Chinese for din - I'm waiting on Stan to get home so we can go to China Garden around the corner from us.

Wow, longer post than I thought. In re House - got the list to our realtor who got it to sellers realtor. Ours thought that she wouldn't hear anything until next Fri. The other realtor calls her back and said that his clients had called for some estimates on the things that are not self-explainitory to take care of. The estimates came up to about $500 so they offered to drop the price by $500.

Stan has been told but he hasn't said either way yet and until I hear it from him I can't respond.

I think that's good. They came down to meet us in the middle and are offering an additional $500 off for things that we can do ourselves anyway.

Ladies and Gents, I do believe we have a sale - we are moving into a new home. YAY!!!!!!!

On a side note, I feel like writing a letter to the Editor of the M Journal and telling them that because of unreasonable property taxes and high cost of homes in this area (for larger homes like we are buying and close to the highway), AND because I don't wish my child to go any further in a school district that I do not believe can properly teach him due to the cuts, despite the passing of the levy, and cannot compete with the other districts such as Madison, *shudders but its true* The Weed, Monroe (which used to be combined with the school here), Hamilton, Mason, Milford, etc., the city and the county have driven our family out.

Sure, we're keeping the house here, we're renting it out. But otherwise we as a family are GONE!!!



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