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The perspective employer does not call me until 2:30 pm. Psycho man was in so I had to ask her to call me back later.

She called me back at 3:15 and proceeded with the telephone pre-interview.

We set an appointment to meet tomorrow at 4:30. I am stoked. I am scared. I am anxious. I am freaked. I am dancing. I am excited.

Hope, light at the end of the long dark tunnel.

Funny thing is, I was talking to Fernslayer when she called and Fernslayer had just asked me if I had heard from her yet. I told Fernslayer that she was a good luck charm.

I hope that my luck continues through the interview.

Anyway, psycho man tells me today that I can no longer have any days off, ever. Because he relies too heavily on me.

He goes on and on about how patient he has been and how generous he is to me.

He told me that he doubted another employer would be the same as he has been because there are 90 day trial periods and there are reviews.

He told me that he would cut my hourly/weekly pay and pay me more under the table at the beginning of the month, taking a cut at his own expense on his taxes, in order to aid me meet the Federal Poverty Guidelines so that I can get government assistant.

I don't want Fookin Government Assistance. I want to be compensated for what I am worth dammit!

Flippin Froikin Moron.


I want benefits and I want to be able to take my vacation days. I want paid sick days. I want paid well.

Is that too much to ask?

Of him it is.

He needs some young thang who will blindly obey. Bend to his will.

He can BITE ME.

Pray I get this job. Pray I get this job. Pray I get this job.



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