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Super Girl and the Homeless

Super Girl - that's who my daughter thinks she is. Sigh. On Wednesday night she decides to launch herself off of a dresser. She landed, with her right cheek hitting the pole of the bunk bed she shares with her brother.

This is a metal bunk bed. The poles are J shaped. The smallest part of the J is where she hit. Hard.

Good think it was capped.

She has a nice black and blue mark on her cheek in a U shape. It is sore, but not too terribly swollen. I hit it with ice as soon as I realized what she had done.

Sigh. Super Girl - will never learn her lesson as she was back up on the dresser trying to fly again last night.

She needs a helmet and full face mask. Then I will have to equip her with shin guards, knee pads, wrist guards, elbow pads, shoulder pads, and anything else that will protect this child from herself.


It is that time of year again, the Homeless are trying to come in off of the streets because it is so darn cold, or wet, or both.

They flock to safe houses meant for them, only to find them already full.

So where do they go when that happens?

Into any building they can find refuge in.

Take for example where I work. I work for an attorney and our office is located in a bank building.

The building is locked at night and on the weekends. We, as tenants, can get the door open as our key works in the lock, so we can get in anytime we want to.

However, last night, Thursdays being my long days, just before I get ready to leave I get a phone call. I answer the phone as always . . .

Me: Good Afternoon. Law office.

Caller: Don't freak out, but when you leave the office there are cop cars sitting outside the building at that enterance.

Me: WTH?

(caller is my boss)

Boss: According to X who works in the bank, there has been a homeless person living on the Third Floor. They just discovered this.

Me: WTH? How did they miss that?

Note: Our office is on the Second Floor. It turns out that we are right below where said homeless person made his (I'm pretty sure it was a he) apartment.

Boss: Don't know. But apparently he had made himself a nice little apartment in one of the vacant offices up there.

Me: How did he get into the office? How did he get into the building?

Boss: Don't know how he got into the office without a key for it, broke in probably. But he most likely comes into the building during the day while it is open and then when he leaves after hours he uses something to prop the door open so that he can get back in.

Then we ended the call.

Now if you get a phone call that starts out "Don't freak out" what are you going to do? Most likely freak out.

When I locked up the office I heard the commotion on Three. When I walked out of the building, there were two cop cars sitting right there, lights on, facing each other with one cop in a car, or getting into it for something, I couldn't tell.

By the time I actually got to my car and left the parking lot, there were about four cop cars there.

Wow, four cop cars for ONE homeless person.

The homeless person was nice and warm last night, in jail.

The unfortunate part is - the person is homeless and just needed a nice warm place to live.

Too bad they had to pick a bank building where most of the people in here are Scrooges and wouldn't even reach down to help the person out.

But this person would cost them dearly. Who wants to rent office space in a building that has a homeless person? And since the homeless person was not paying rent, then they will most likely prosecute.

We have no idea what the circumstances were that caused this person to be homeless, nor why he chose this bank building to camp out in.

I just feel for those less fortunate than I. Really all year long, not just in December.

I wish I could do more. But many of these people are so desperate that they would steal you blind and you would never see your grandmother's diamond ring or saltwater pearl necklace ever again.

I feel for them, I really do, but I don't know what I can do, if anything. So I just keep giving to the local Hope House whenever I can. I don't ever want to end up there.


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Feb. 3rd, 2003 07:17 am (UTC)
next time
And while you are not freaking out . . .
Spread the wealth . .
spread the freaking out....


Scare the hell outta me for the next few days while I am out of state!
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