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In Review

I looked through my friends list. I've lost a total of two friends who purposely deleted me from their list. One I was sad to see go, the other I could not be more delighted.

Yet while those two are gone, I've gained seven new friends. People I have things in common with. Someday I'm gonna finally get it all together, or forcably make the time, to get up to Canada to see Janners & SaucyVixen.

Even though the two are in totally separate provinces.

And I've also cleaned up my list of friends because, while I do like the people and enjoy their company when I am around them, I find that the conjestion in my friends list when I go to read from their posts is too much. They rarely post anything of relevence, and when they do, its like 4 months later, only a snippet, and nothing of interest to me.

I like reading about lives, what's going on, giving my support, cuddos, hugs, etc.

I like the occassional lemming. Even if there are days when all I am is in a lemming kind of mood. That battle cry one was totally awesome. So was the overdramatic death scene.

Ah well, now I really am just blathering.

Ok - some small substance - got to sleep in a wee bit. Got BBK to school a wee bit late but that's okay. Got home and although the lawn mower blade needs sharpening I got the front lawn mowed.

Was able to re-order my prescript on the phone through automatic refill. Now I have to go get BBK, get the kids fed, get CJM to school, pick up my prescript, and take the BBK's vacc chart to the Dr's ofc and have him fill out a thing for her pre-k.



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