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More of my boring day

Before I left the house for lunch with my kids and mom I am utterly freaked out by a post by Uber Doll. Spiders - yuck - I'm still twitching.

Had lunch at Jabba's place with the kiddlings and mom. Then off to CJM's school to drop him off for his first day back. BBK had to show off her jewelry to his teachers. Mom gave her some Easter / Bunny jewelry. She has carrot dangly earrings and necklace with a bunny on it and two rings and a bracelet with painted eggs on them.

Spoke with his teachers and Mrs. See said that she loves it when she talks to a parent (Stan and I in this case) about a problem with the child and the problem is immediately corrected.

CJM has shown her disrespect this school year and he has run his motor mouth when he is supposed to have his listening ears on. He has lost his video games. At this point, for a long time - he keeps getting into trouble here at home.

She said he was such an intelligent child (over some in his class) and that it is a shame we are moving. She keeps giving me the 'poo on you' face when she talks about it.

I really like his teachers. How can I tell these women I like that I don't think the school system will be able to advance that intelligence of his?

I don't. I hold my tongue.

So from there we went to pick up my meds, then off to the post office to drop Papaw's mail in, then off to Kmart to check to see if I can find a jewelry box for my BBK. WTH is wrong with these places? Don't they make those jewelry boxes anymore like I had as a child? Where's the ballerina? Where's the obnoxious music? Not at Kmart that's for sure. I don't think that I could find it at Wally's or at Target or at Meijer either. That kinda sux. She deserves to have her own ballerina with obnoxious music.

I think I saw a Barbie one a long time ago, but that's now been a few years. Sigh.

So we go on to the Drs office so I can give them a copy of her shot record for her file and so that I can drop off the med check thing for her school.

Now we are home, and in just a few, will be heading out the door again to go pick up CJM.

I don't know what we are doing tonight. CRAP! Its Monday - Must NOT forget group therapy!!!!!!




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