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A Christmas Comedy

Each year, Christmas strikes bigstan in a bad way. This year was no exception.

First, my children come down with this virus thing that is going around that has caused many to be hospitalized from dehydration. I'm lucky I only got hit with a part of it. bigstan got it all.

THEN, because of this, he had to do his shopping on Christmas Eve. Now doesn't that just suck?

I think so.

But he got it done.

This is our second Christmas together. Last Christmas we had a spat. History repeated itself. But we worked it out in record time this year. I asked him if he wanted to schedule for the same time next and got a look. (Laughs)

My only hope is that we do not do the 'New Year's/Valentine's Day/Easter' spat thing again.

I don't think we quit holiday spats until around the 4th of July but then, here it is all over again, Christmas.

Why must I share this condition with him???

Because I love him. Awwww.

Anyway, the second comedy for the day on Christmas Day was when someone turned off the wrong oven. The oven for the turkey got turned off instead. So hours later when this was discovered, we had leftovers for dinner instead of a nice hot turkey dinner. Sigh.

It was one of those "what else can go wrong?" kinda days.

We got the kids okay from their dads. Then the Boo got up this AM puking again. Where will that end???

Overall though, we had a wonderful Christmas. We got to spend it together and we got to spend time with the kids.

The kids love each and every gift they have and cannot figure out which thing to play with first. Many things got left a Mamaw's house as mommy said NO in the "want to take that home?" department.

Some things they got doubles of. Of those things, one stayed with Mamaw (or whoever) and the other went home.

Are the kids spoiled? You bet they are.

bigstan got me a digital camera. I had been asking for one forever now. I am so happy!!!!!!

I got him the Stephen Hawking bookset he had mentioned and then promptly forgot about until he opened it up.

We are just a couple of goobs with two goobish kids to add to our lot.

I hope each person who may read this entry had just as wonderful, fun, funny, happy day as we, and our families, did.

What will we get into next year?

Who knows, but by that time I will be Mrs. bigstan and as such, I will worry about it then



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