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Irony, karma kicks butt

So I'm online and I'm just looking again at our new house (pics on the realtor's website) and for kicks and giggles I go look at the house its identical to that we had put a bid in on and the people would not come down.

Its on Cherry Hill in Fairfield.

The original asking price was $168,900. We bid at $161,000 tops.

Supposedly there were multiple bids on the house and they only came down to $166,000.

I thought that was pretty mighty of them considering the sale history of the house thus far. It had started out for sale at the end of last year at $168,900. Then it dropped down to $164,900. Then they dropped that realtor, moved out and then got a new realtor and priced it back up at $168,900.

So, I look at our pretty new house and then go look at Cherry Hill and find that the asking price is now ... bum bum BUM! $159,900.


Does karma kick butt or what?

I love it.

The house with multiple bids still has no buyer. That's what you get for being finicky.

Guess they are now kicking themselves in the ARSE for not accepting our bid that was higher than what the asking price now is.

*cough cough sputter* I'm just amused beyond amused.

Cause we are getting a much better house with the one we are buying. Its all around larger than Cherry Hill, its brighter, with a fenced in back yard, and lower property taxes.

Sure, we have to take care of a few things ourselves like fix the basement and paint the dining room and replace windows when we can afford to.

But in the end it will be so worth it and the house will be worth more money. Its an investment. In our future.

So Cherry Hill owners - eat our dust!



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