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What the flippin flyin hell!!!

Two days until closing. Loan processor in argument with collection rep who I paid off one of my DH's bills last week on. He says he never spoke with her, in a very nasty tone to her. Pissed her off til she was cussing.

THEN he rattles her fax # and telephone # off to her BEFORE she has given them to him (again). So, for someone who didn't speak with the processor, the collect rep must be psycho (insert psychic but I really do mean psycho).

He tells her he cannot fax a confirmation of payment to her without his supervisor's approval and his supervisor was at lunch and he could not tell her when the super would be back or when she could expect the fax. Jackass.

So I call my bank and find it was processed and paid yesterday. I asked if they could fax me the confirmation. Bank says yes. Then calls back and says that I have to personally appear to prove that I am who I am before they can give me the printout. GAH!

I called back the processor who reminds me she has our letter of authorization for information that we signed off on, I give her the bank's # and she calls and speaks with the manager on duty who says that he will accept that and that they would fax over a print out showing it was paid.

Can I scream now?

I have not heard back from the processor so I'm assuming that all is well. If not, I will know about it.

For cri-jimminies sakes people! Get it together!

Just reminds me of that photo in an attorney friend's office. It depicts people in a row boat, with one person having the bull horn. The first frame says "Ready!" Oars are at the ready. The second frame says "Set!" Oars are in the water. The third frame says "Close!" At this point the oars are all over the place and people are falling out of the boat.

It means that closings tend to go screwy somewhere during the process.

Heck, for sign only closings I never knew Tim not to have to call the lender for something that was wrong on the paperwork.


Now my planned out afternoon has slightly been shot to hell in a handbasket. The running I was going to do had to come to a complete hault until this thing was straightened out. I've stuck by a phone for 2 hours now and I really needed to go buy trim paint - I should have done that already but didn't think about it yesterday when I was at Lowe's. Sigh.



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