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So very very very sleepy.

My body says to me on Tuesday - Woman, YOU are tired. Go rest!!!

So I lie down at home for a while that evening after running around with the kiddlings and dropping them off to daddies.

But I did not go to sleep until bigstan was safely home to cuddle up next to and konk out with.

Every night this week I have not made it to bed before 12 am. I need some sleep. Rest. Sleep. Zzzzzzzzz

Yet again, I will have a kiddling this weekend because of illness. Not the kiddling this time thank heavens, but the male sperm doner. Or is it donar? I cannot spell that word.

Because I have kiddling then I must get up at whatever time kiddling waunders out of bed. Kiddling I have this weekend is the Boo.

Will the Gods of Sleep please have mercy on this poor, tired, worn out body and let me fall into blissful, undisturbed sleep?


However, it has been the best week this week having bigstan there to cuddle up with, fall asleep knowing that if he is not next to me at that moment in time he will be crawling into the bed with me soon.

That has been my highlight this week. To wake up to my love sleeping next to me.

To have my love reach out and touch me, caress me somehow, as I get dressed for work, before he goes back to sleep.

I can say that he has been a trooper this week. Almost daily he has had charge of both kiddlings and has had to get up pretty much right behind me.

But this morning, he got to sleep in. I am happy for him. I just wish I could have a turn at that.

This has been an easier week this week where the kiddlings are concerned with him there. They have not fought as much. They have not been entirely up mommy's butt, fighting each other to climb in there with the money tree.

And to have the extra pair of hands. Bien. Vunderbar.

If I didn't have to be here, at work, where I hate coming to anymore, I would go home, go to sleep, and snore away.

I asked bigstan if I could take an hour's nap when I get home with the kiddlings this afternoon. He graciously said that I could.

An hour. A nap for an hour. Not long enough but it is a start.



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