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Stick a fork in me I'm done

KK calls me as we were leaving lunch and heading out. She can't get Papaw - either by phone nor to answer the door.

She's freaked.

I call mom to see if she talked to him and she had not and KK had called her first and she told KK to call me.

I send the Bill and Stan out. They discover that yet again he has gone to take a bath and cannot get out of the tub and has possibly fallen trying.

After several attempts they could not get him out and called the life squad.

I called mom who promptly left work, I deposited chitlins with KK, and headed down as I'm the only one who knows where his insurance cards are kept.

The life squad missed the house and had to turn around and go back (can we say idiots?).

But when Papaw learned they had been called he FOUND a way to get himself out of that tub.

The best thing about the life squad being called is that the guy was able to talk Papaw into the Lifeline.

That's the "Help! I've fallen and I can't get up!" thing.

Yeah, we make fun of the commercials - but when your loved one really needs it, its not funny any more.

I left, picking up our patio chairs (the van is packed full now), came home, called Valued Relationships and set an appointment to have it installed.

Now I'm outta here to go to our new house to mow the lawn - FINALLY.

Dita - see you tonight - its a well needed break - can't wait to drool over Van Hottie.



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