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I gots a new toy!!!!

bigstan is turning me into such the technogoob.

I got a Iomega External CD/RW burner on Saturday.

I had looked at them at CompUSA on Friday night but could not locate a price for a Sony with MP3 playing capacity. I'm sure it was expensive because the next priced one down was like $179.

As I had to return non-usable cords to Micro Shitter, so we went there on Saturday.

Can you tell my opinion of the place? Tee, hee.

We parused the clearance racks. Found a couple of MP3 players (I got one for my birthday back in July so I didn't need one), a cordless headset phone for $80 (which was nice but still expensive), and quite a few other juicy things that we did not need or could not afford.

But one thing I found is the Iomega External CD/RW for $103. Then I found a PSI to USB 2.0 for $20.

Woooooooo - my burner is pretty blue.

They also had Iomega Zip Drives for $65 on clearance. But I have a zip in my home comp and the burner is so much more practical. Wheeeeee

Can you tell I'm excited about my burner?

I've already burned one CD here at the office. I forgot to grab more than one CD to bring with me. I have more music to burn off of this comp. Then I can delete the file.

What I'm doing is getting as much of my stuff - personal and professional - off of the comp so that bigstan can blitz it and then reinstall.

Once that is done then I will no longer use the office comp for anything personal as I'm trying to find a new job and I don't want to leave a trace of anything on here that is personal.

So, back to being a technogoob.

For Christmas bigstan got me a digital camera. So while at CompUSA on Friday I notice HP has personal digital camera printers on the market. I'm drooling and staring at them.

So I go online and I am finding them for about $20 less than in the store but after you figure in shipping & handling then the price is the same.

Then while at Micro Shitter on Sat I was looking at them there (same price) and then I thought - these only print out the pics in a 4x6 state. What if I want 8x10s?

So I looked at the larger HP digital camera printers.

What I found is as follows:

The two HP for the 4x6 only are:

HP 130 at $179.99 and HP 230 at $249.99.

What is the difference? An LCD monitor.

The larger HP printers are $199.99 and $299.99. Same difference in these two prices - the LCD monitor.

So now I'm on a crusade to purchase a printer for my digital camera so that I can print my own pics.

I'm looking at the photography field as a side thing for me. I love - and I do mean LOVE - to take pictures.

I have the greatest one of bigstan that I took at Boo's second birthday party.

I'm such a bad mom - it took me a whole year to develop those pics. Basically I did not remember what was on the roll of film. Sigh - chuckles

Once I get my scanner to behave, I'm going to scan the pic in and use it as a temporary LJ icon.

I just cracked up when I saw it.

Of course at some point I want to have a pic up temporarily of me and my kiddlings too. I will have to leave it up to bigstan or Lil Bro to take it.

So now I'm armed. And dangerous.

I have my digital camera, my 35 mm, my Iomega External CD/RW, my Xerox copier/printer/scanner, my HP Laserjet 1100 - and when I can get one, a HP digital camera printer.

Now, if I could just save my money for a new computer - I will be doing well.

Until then I will suffer on my old Gateway P2. Which was out of date the minute I ordered it oh so many years ago.

When I get the new comp, then I will give my old one to one of the kids as they have one and then they will each have one.

That's what I get for dating technogoobs. LO


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Jan. 6th, 2003 01:16 pm (UTC)
There is nothing wrong with the P2 Gateway. I reckon that your's is still faster than mine. And though the Dell I have is 1000 times faster, the Gateway has been uber reliable for the 5 years it has been in my service. I have all my groovey cool GE free gadgetry linked to it. So naaah.
Jan. 7th, 2003 10:57 am (UTC)
Re: Gateway
I don't know who is better - Gateway or Dell.

Tho I have seen in recent years Dell really beating up Gateway in sales.

I would LOVE a P4. But as soon as I order it or something of the like then P6 will already be on its way to the market.

Yes, I realize that I skipped P5 but by the time I order a P4, P5 will already be out and on its way out. Such is my life.

So Nayah back at you!!!!
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