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'Why What?'

'I don't know, I just felt like asking Why okay?'

I find that there is a great divide on Van Helsing.

Mostly the men do not like it. But these are the same men who thought Starship Troopers rocked so you can see that they have no taste.

Did I say that out loud?

Yes, yes I did.

I have seen these self same fashists (I can't spell but you get my point - and for the record not all of them are fashists, just a couple of them but those are the ones who ruin the rest of them for us) compare this movie to all kinds of movies that genuinely stank worse than Pepe Le Peu.

Further, these are the same men who thought the first two "Star Wars" movies were so awesome as to deserve all kinds of praise (ya know, those new fangled pieces fo crap from Lucas).

I'm not sorry that I think that Starship Troopers ate dung bombs. I'm not sorry that I feel that Lucas sold out to consumerisim in making the new films.

I'm just sorry that a whole bunch of male twats who stink worse than months old dead fish feel that they must post / email people who have yet to see Van Helsing and ruin the movie for them.

A post / email does not do a movie justice or credit.

If you are male (or even a female) and you are reading this and you said the movie stank but did not post / email spoilers or an overall account of the movie - then I'm not talking about you.

If you absolutely MUST say anything bad about a movie, ANY movie - for those twats that I AM talking about - do what the other nice people who hated the movie did - just say "Friends, I'm warning you, this movie sucked, wait for the rental." Don't ruin it. Just because YOU didn't like it, doesn't mean that your friends won't.

I loved Van Helsing - I want to go see it again - I plan on owning it on DVD when it comes out. Its better than Underworld and I liked Underworld, and own Underworld.

Quoting Shadow: "If you walked into this movie expecting a tome honoring the last 100 years of monster movies, bringing them all together without cracking the mythos behind every one, and doing all that in less than 2 hours while also having to develop its OWN plotline, well .. no fucking wonder you were dissapointed."

AMEN (not the god of the underworld either Shadow *g*)

And for my own piece of mind - what little I did post I don't think was a spoiler in any way just because I said the part about the little people - it gave nothing away for anyone who has not seen it to figure any parts out.

Heck, the previews on TV give more away than I did.



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