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I don't even know what to call this one

Spent the entire day in ER. Not surprised.

Went to pick up the Papaw. Discovered that he was minus one Medicare card so I had to search for that. TG he had showed me a while back where to look - I went right to it.

Then I changed his shirt.

We arrived at the ER - mom was waiting. He was taken in immediately to get a chart established.

Then we went and registered him in. I got to answer lots of questions. Seems he was already in the system due to being my Nana's contact person.


Then the wait. We were probably in the ER for entirely 4 hours.

At hour 3 they did a battery of tests. The last one they wanted to run was the CT scan but he cannot lay flat on his back so that one was nixed.

He got lots of rest while we were there. It seems that this was the first time he could breathe right in forever. His healthy color returned. It was the angle at which he was lying in the bed. A soft 45 degree angle.

Turns out that he has an abnormal heartbeat - that's the lay person's term - the technical term I can't spell nor pronounce but I will try just to give you an idea - Artrical Fibralation

I'm 100% positive that's not what its called, but I just can't say it or pronounce it like I said.

The dr said its not uncommon in older people.

They are keeping him overnight (you can imagine the fight we went through to make THAT happen) and are giving him medication to see if they can get it regulated.

I'm so proud of my big man - he's such a trooper and shows me that he is such a big boy too to allow what he went through today.

Just don't ever tell him I said it that way. *chuckles*

Bug had kids and picked up KK from work for us. I took KK home and dropped her off. Its almost 10 pm and mom still has not come home as of yet. That's fine by us - its her dad - she needs to be there.



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