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I've changed my default icon. Right now with my life it just seems so appropriate.

Yesterday, while waiting to get the chart started at the ER there was a Butler Co. Deputy sitting there. He had brought in a teen with severe burns or something on her arm. We were at first talking to Papaw and then started talking to him. After a bit he just started to shake his head and we asked him what was up with that. The deputy said that he had just been sitting there thinking about all of his own aches and pains, etc., when in walks a 97 year old man whose never been to see a dr because he hasn't needed it until now.

He said it made him feel like he was a bad person for feeling the way he had and him being 1/3 Papaw's age. Then he went with the girl and they were gone.

Today I was told that my Papaw is truly an inspriration.

I was also told by the nurse's station in the Cardiac Care Unit that he was the cutest thing.

sighs and rolls eyes - the charmer

More tests were done and it has been discovered that he had injured his ribs and then re-injured them at some time - both being recently in the last year or so. !!!

He is responding well to the medication. He says he feels better. He said he got the best sleep he's had in months last night. I keep telling everyone its the bed and the angle - his heart doesn't have to beat so hard and he can breathe more comfortably. His color has returned to all parts of him from what I could tell yesterday and mom says he's still that healthy color today.

Oh and the J-Bro thing... GAH!

Bug is now calling him very bad names. Out loud. To me.

First its the wanting to dump the kids on us for the summer so they can go back to FL to have a kid free summer and now its him fishing for information from Bug about my life.

I told Bug that if he thought he was dumping kids on us he had another think coming. I told her that I would call Children's Services if they tried that. I also said that the only way I would keep the only one of the 3 who IS my flesh and blood is if he and his wife gave up custody of her to me (permanently) and paid child support.

I'm a bitch.

THEN she tells me that he said that they (him, Bug, the others) know that Papaw has money because he paid for my new house. !!!!!!!!!!!!! She said that she told him that Papaw did no such thing.

Then he said 'well, Papaw paid to have her old house done - the siding, etc.' !!!!!! But again corrected him on that. She did tell him that Papaw paid for the roof because Papaw had said he was going to do that - so it was my turn to go !!!!!!! on her. I told her that Papaw did no such thing. I told her that the only thing Papaw gave me $$ for was the roofing shingles. *I* paid for my roof to be done TYVM.

She said 'my bad, I will correct myself when I talk to dumbass.'

Then he said something about me selling this house in Middletown and she told him that I was renting it out and he went on and on about me getting fair price for it to pay for itself blah blah blah.

So basically he's fishing for information about my life. He cannot stand that I am doing this with my husband and that the two of us (Stan and I) can make it on our own without Papaw's help and J-Bro can't. Hell, J-Bro brags that he's making upwards of $100 K per year yet they live in a trailer (not that there's anything wrong with a trailer); can barely afford the rent and utilities; and his wife and kids are on welfare. I'm not kidding.

If you're making so much $$$ J-Bro, where is it at???? What do you have to show for it??? Oh yeah, NOTHING, because you are a LIAR!

Of course he also lectured Bug on how to care for our grandfather like we are not compitent enough to do that.



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