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The Good, the bad and the ugly

The Good: I was able to make a decent breakfast for Papaw this AM. I discovered how my Nana made my fried eggs. Now I know how to duplicate it without breaking the yolks. yay

Next, I walk in the door after sitting with Papaw and Stan tells me to sit down in front of the computer and read the log of the IM convo he's having with his boss. I sit down, I read, my eyes go buggy at what I'm reading. I stand up, turn around and inform every member of the house to cover their ears. CJM foolishly asks why - so I showed him. I started screaming and jumping up and down. He quickly covered his ears.

What did I read? Stan apologized to his boss about not getting in this week when he was off to put in his application and resume for a job he was going to apply for. He explained to his boss why. His boss told him not to worry about it because he had taken care of that for Stan. Stan thanked him. Then the boss tells Stan that he's permanent. He also said part time - Stan told the boss to call and explain to him what all of this meant.

We understand permanent, it means he's no longer contract, he's hired fully. But the rest Stan had questions on.

So when his boss calls he explains to Stan that he did not mean to tell him part time, he meant to tell Stan FULL time.

This means BENEFITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TG!!!!!! *does the happy joy dance*

Stan will remain in his department, in his same job, at his current rate of pay. However, because he is now permanent they can give him reviews and pay raises. And we get FULL health, dental, vision BENEFITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so stoked. My husband rocks. Yes, he pisses me off too - that's just typical male for you (wink, wink). But that doesn't mean that I don't think that he totally rocks. He's the best thing that has ever happened to me AFTER the kids of course. It would have been nice if he had happened BEFORE the kids because that would mean that the kids were his by blood, not just by love.

I also got down to our house and got the fridge completed (cleaned). I put new bulbs in the dining room light. I set up the TV we took down Thurs and set up the VCR (we forgot the power cord for the DVD player - sigh). CJM watched Veggie Tales while I worked.

Had a groovy night with my son - just the two of us, like old times when he was young. Only this time he can walk and talk back and hold a conversation with me.

In fact, we had an interesting conversation about the two young ladies in the booth just down from ours. He said that they were quite the chatterboxes (yes, that's exactly how he phrased it). I said that perhaps they were girlfriends - he gave me the strangest look. I explained that girls who are friends are girlfriends. I got a deer in the headlight look - he's too young. Then we started debating what they were to each other. He thought that perhaps they were sisters. I said that perhaps they were best friends.

If they were sisters it would be like a Dita & R situation - you know they are sisters but they are so different in their appearance - unlike me and mine where someone thought I was a twin to my sister 7 yrs my jr.

I asked CJM if I had a best friend. He said yes. I asked him who and he gave me the "Duh! Big Red Truck!" look and answered. He said "First, it would be Big Rebecca. Second, it would be Jodi. Then I don't know who after that."

This one is too smart for his own good. I'm not sure what to do with him. Yet.

The Bad: I don't think that Papaw is really doing any good. I don't think that being in the hospital hurt him any. Yet I see him speeding down hill on a collision course that is inevitable.

I have now seen him completely naked - I'm blind - I had to get him changed as he had spilled his urinal on himself. He did it again this afternoon.

In fact I took two baby bed waterproof pads down to put under him.

I also went on a giant shopping spree and bought him some new clothes (sweats & a shirt & socks) and new slippers (I got them my size because the socks he has on are huge). I also bought house cleaning products and new bath mats.

I took the opportunity to sneak old nasty dishes out the door and put them in my trash here. Mom was a bit miffed because I took his cereal bowl. It was nasty, cracked to heck and back - God only knows what bacteria was living in there. So I bought him a new one for $1 @ the dollar store. Whatever.

Bug and I went on a cleaning spree - she had cleaned the bathroom by the time I had returned. I did the dihes that needed to be done.

J-Bro's wife had arrived with kids in tow. She took on the stove and wall cleaning. From the time of the fire - its white tile back there, who knew.

The oldest of all of the kids - Josh - took on the role of watch person for the younger ones. They all went outside and played hard.

I had taken from home my Swiffer with the wet pads - not the Wet Jet, that other thing by Swiffer. Bug used it to clean the bathroom floor. I wanted to get the kitchen floor too but doubt it happened after I left.

I did a load of laundry when I left the first time and when I returned, took what was in the dryer out and dried this load. I told them to fold it as it was dry when I left.

The Ugly: This is the only funny thing - Tina tells me that J-Bro is wearing a size 40 pant. The same person who bragged on his size 32 waist so long ago, will end up looking like his father - as round as he is tall. Ray Jr. that one. But that's also pretty ugly I think.

The guy arrived and installed the Lifeline for Papaw. I signed off on the check as POA for Papaw. But Papaw insisted on playing with it. We did a test run, had explained it to Papaw thoroughly, but like a big kid he played with it. I think I told the lady 4 x that he was fine and thanked her for her quick response. I finally told him to leave it alone unless he really really really had an emergency in which he had to push it.

All day however, he spoke to my Nana, to people he worked with who are deceased, to people he was in the Army with who is deceased, and made hand gestures in his sleep.

He also told me that the reason his back hurt so bad was because a nurse had run him over with a wheel chair.

He then kept referring to today as being the day he was going to be released from the hospital.

There was also a referral to a home health care person. Her SIL is the person for my mom's best friend's MIL. Mom got her # and Kathy gave the lady MY # to call. The lady leaves me a message and I get back to her as soon as I could. I wanted to wait until tomorrow but felt that was being rude.

I called and she answered. She asked what was wrong with him (in a high and mighty tone). I told her. She asked me what shift she would be working (like it made a big difference and if I told her one she didn't like she would say no - it was like she was looking to manipulate things).

I told her that we were currently looking into his health insurance paying the salary. She informed me (and I do mean INFORMED) that she was $8 per hour and would prefer to be paid in cash TYVM.

I said we would want to check references and she got irritated and spouted that she couldn't remember everyone she had worked for in the last 20 years (the entire convo she stressed that she had done this for 20 years) but that she could remember the ones in KY, but if I wanted references that I could contact her SIL would could give me all kinds of references for her.

Her whole attitude was like we had already hired her and that she called the shots. It left a bad taste in my mouth - she sounded shifty, like she would rob him blind at the first chance she got. It also sounded to me like she was chomping at the bit to get into the house so she COULD do just that.

I informed Bug and I informed mom. Officially we will tell her that we cannot hire her and pay her cash, that we have to have a record of employment, and that we want to make sure that his health insurance will assist in covering the cost.

Unoffically - she rubbed me the wrong way and even though I want mom and them in on many of these decisions (cause I have no health care POA for him) - this was one decision I was making for everyone - we are NOT hiring this woman.

For right now, that is all, I'm tired, my mind is hazy and foggy (no comment from the peanut gallery either!), I'm off to bed. Nite.



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