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I hate being sick

I can't taste my food and what I eat tastes blah and like crap.

Not that I know what crap tastes like, it is what I would imagine crap tasting like though.

I can't breathe. My ear aches awfully. My throat is STILL sore and the meds are not kicking it like they should.

I'm allergic to what would kick it.

I'm now coughing on top of everything.

I just want to go home and climb into a quiet, warm, comfy bed.

Who would take care of the kiddlings?

Sigh. No quiet, warm, comfy bed for me.

And I'm currently at work. I missed two days. I'm only here today because I promised to be here. I want to go home.

Its the Camdenator's 5th. The sitter kept them home from school due to the weather so I asked her to make over him. He got to pick lunch and he got a special cupcake and they sang Happy Birthday to him.

I'm not only sick, I'm getting old.

He's not allowed to be 5. I miss my tiny baby boy. Yet if you tickle this big boy just right under his chin he still giggles and coos like he did when he was tiny.

I wax nostalgic.

I also must get back to plowing through this desk.

They tried not to pile me he said. Sigh. Chuckle.

Their piles are never anything to awful to worry about. He doesn't understand this nor will I ever explain it to him. Its not worth the wasted time.

Which is what I am doing right now.

I just hate being sick. I want better now. I want better fast. I want better immediately.

My body just isn't listening to me is all.

I guess I'd better call the family doc.



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